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Urban groover bemoans lack of support

Upcoming urban grooves singer Tonderai Rundu says new musicians face a multitude of problems.


According to Rundu, upcoming musicians are sidelined by producers who seem to prefer those who have made it in the industry. He said established and successful musicians were not helping either.

“We have noticed that studios do not welcome upcoming musicians. They also charge exorbitant fees that scare away new artists,” he said.
Rundu has released his first album titled One Love and used the theme song Torarama to advocate for musicians to support each other despite the differences in genre, race or tribe.

“I feel that we should all work together and support one another as Zimbabwean artists, regardless of our differences,” he said.

“I am Shona speaking but I tried to accommodate the Ndebele-speaking community by recording two songs titled Lindiwe and Uyingilosi Yami on my album.”

Rundu started singing in 2004 when he was in high school, taking his inspiration from local musician, Oliver Mutukudzi.

His eight-track album was recorded at Redemption Studios in Kwekwe and features other young artists like Sybie and Spicy Dee.

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