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Government must act on industry decay

Elsewhere in this newspaper, we carry a sad story, accompanied by pictures, of the shocking state of the Zimbabwean economy, depicted by an industry in ruins.

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Our industrial sites are now in such a state of decay one is persuaded to believe there is no one in charge of this country at all — that there is no government in place anymore and that there is no President running the country.

Trees and grass have grown on factory floors inside what used to be productive workshops, ripping through roofs and competing for height with massive factory chimneys and boilers.

Birds have come to roost inside the once smoke-spewing chimneys while bats, snakes, lizards and other creeping animals have found home in the cracks made in the walls by the roots of growing trees.

Factories that used to manufacture everything one could think of for national consumption, are falling apart. Colossal steel machinery now lies rusty and dead inside these ruins — obsolete and waiting to be thrown away.

Meanwhile, the country’s supermarket shelves are brimming with imported goods — everything from the most basic salt and fire-lighting matches to soap and cooking oil.

The country’s highly educated young people have turned to vending for survival.

But there is a government that is purporting to be in full control of the country — a government and leadership of men and women with vast experience on how to run a country, many of whom have 34 years experience of doing the same thing.

It is difficult to imagine that any of these men and women have ever visited the ruins in our once bustling industries because if they did, they would not have gone into cabinet meetings every week and be in the habit of speaking as if nothing is amiss.

The myth that the economy had been suffering as a result of the conflicting ideas coming out of the inclusive government no longer holds water and so is the sanctions mantra.

Exposing huge salaries at parastatals can only divert attention from the real issues but will not help the industries that are decaying. The Zanu PF government needs to come up with a congrete plan to pull Zimbabwe out of the abyss.


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