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Zanu PF MP castigates fresh land invasions

Sanyati legislator and war veteran, Blessed Geza Runesu has lashed out at fellow Zanu PF politicians whom he accuses of extortion.


Runesu yesterday said some party members had gone against the values of the liberation struggle and were now “filling their own pockets” at the expense of the people they claimed to represent.

He said there had been gross indiscipline in the party which he said had seen some party members disregarding the core business of reviving the nation’s economy.

“I want to state that our revolution was never racist. All Zimbabweans including those from other racial groups who have opted to stay since Independence are to enjoy equal citizenship and partake in economic activity without any burden of prejudice,” said Runesu.

His comments come amid reports of fresh farm invasions and attempts to take away land from the remaining white farmers and to grab foreign-owned companies for free.

Runesu said the people that had been calling for new farm invasions were tarnishing the names of war veterans.

He said it was a matter of record that war veterans, him included, had not been active in “numbers commensurate to our record of sacrifice in the echelons of government and our ruling party.”

“When the time comes for President Robert Mugabe to pass the baton through shaping and bequeathing the country with a new generation of revolutionary leadership, we want to make it clear that we will neither be by-standers nor onlookers in this important political phase,” Runesu said.

“We will demand that whoever may aspire to those high offices must first pledge undoubted allegiance based on his or her record during the last 30 years.”

Runesu said in memory of the late war veterans leader Chenjerai Hitler Hunzvi and other departed heroes, war veterans were not going to accept “any of that nonsense”.

Runesu said after the restitution of land and natural resources, war veterans looked forward to “patriotic economic management that weaved in with a global perspective so we built an economy that is welcoming to foreign capital and grows domestic capital to ensure full empowerment.”

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