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Zanu PF secrets: Mutsvangwa must tell it all

Christopher Mutsvangwa’s revelations that Joice Mujuru did not shoot down a Rhodesian Air Force helicopter during the war of liberation and that she doesn’t deserve the position of Vice-President is a direct insult on President Robert Mugabe’s intelligence.

Ruyedzo Mutizwa

It was Mugabe who made people believe that Joice Mujuru was indeed a war heroine by awarding her a ministerial post at independence in 1980 regardless of her being without requisite educational qualifications then.

Mugabe went further to appoint her Vice-President in 2004.

That time Ambassador Mutsvangwa was among the first people to congratulate Joice Mujuru and hailed her appointment as a milestone towards women empowerment in Zimbabwe.

Does Mutsvangwa think people have short memories?

Mujuru has deputised Mugabe for more than 10 years both in government and in the party. When Mutsvangwa attacks Mujuru, he does not only attack her in person but also the office she holds. Mutsvangwa has disgraced the entirety of Zanu PF, the liberation struggle and Mugabe in particular, unless he is Mugabe’s attack dog.

Mutsvangwa has the courage to tell the world that Didymus Mutasa did not fight from the trenches but does not say how many bullets Mugabe fired and which war zone Mugabe operated from.

Mutsvangwa cannot expect us to believe that his hatred for those who were not in the front is spared when it comes to Mugabe. He must say the same for Mugabe.

Mutsvangwa’s failure to acknowledge the importance of effective propaganda as a war winning weapon is comparable to stray bullets fired from an automatic machine gun in the hands of a cowardly foot soldier. It is shocking to say the least. In the art of war, it is propaganda and strategy that rules supreme while the rest trails.

Mutsvangwa should be reminded that the Look East policy adopted by his party Zanu PF, for which he has been a torch-bearer, is nothing but propaganda designed to win over the West while at the same time auctioning Zimbabwe to the Chinese for a song.

Had the Look East policy produced the intended results, surely Mutsvangwa would have been the hero of the moment, akin to the propagandist of the second Chimurenga who made the world believe that the Ian Smith regime was down and out.

Sadly, Zimbabweans have endured a lot of uncertainty and insecurity as a result of the cheap Look East gimmick.
The holier than thou attitude being displayed by Mutsvangwa must be condemned in the strongest of terms.

He must tell us what really happened to Josiah Tongogara. He must give a true account of the liberation war.

We have questions that require answers and it seems Mutsvangwa has all the answers.

We want to know who murdered our relatives during the period 1973 to 1980, a period which, according to Mutsvangwa, was the defining period of the struggle. He must tell us why the refugees at Chimoio were not protected before the Rhodesians attacked.

He is however silent on the period that has witnessed mass exodus, mass graves, massive property destruction, mass unemployment, runaway inflation, hunger, disease, violence and torture — that is the period 1982 to 2014. We want to know about the Matabeleland Gukurahundi and not forgetting vashandi [workers].

Zimbabwe’s politics cannot be characterised by praise-singers who have high-flying tongues and snail’s brains. As a country, we have suffered enough under the leadership of people driven by emotions and bent on undermining democracy and the rule of law while pursuing personal agendas.

Mutsvangwa is fighting from his wife’s [Monica Mutsvangwa] corner and wants everyone to believe that he is a genuine comrade.

The succession battles in Zanu PF are none of my business and I don’t care who takes over the reins.

My concerns are that Mutsvangwa must tell it all and that Zimbabweans must be freed from tongue-lashing politicians and an unbankable 90-year-old President. Who in the progressive world would sign a meaningful deal with a 90-year-old President?

Only the hangers-on in Zanu PF will forever hero-worship Mugabe.

Ruyedzo Mutizwa is the interim Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party.

3 Responses to Zanu PF secrets: Mutsvangwa must tell it all

  1. mapingu September 7, 2014 at 5:23 pm #

    While I do agree with Mutizwa on almost all issues he raised I only want to say may be just a single drop of truth, for whatever purpose its revealed, makes the ocean better than one filled with lies.

    True, Mutsvangwa, like all zanu pf fat-cat is not honest & patriotic by any measure, hence his highly selective pronouncement of truth. Reality, most of us who were of age during struggle have always known that Joice never downed any plane it has been all a figment of zanu pf elite’s imagination calculated to propel individuals to positions they don’t deserve under the guise of such past heroic expeditions.

    The beauty of it is, since it is now come from another zanu pf goon then our most abused youth might start realizing that most of the rubbish sold to them as “History of the Struggle” is worse than James Bond fiction. I say this becoz, immediately after Mutsvangwa revealed this well known element of truth one young man who I believe has always doubted me when I always tell them that most of zanu pf heroes, including Joice, are zanu pf manufactured heroes, immediately phoned me and said ‘now bro I believe you; all along I thought you were bluffing’. And truth is, I have always emphasized the same example of the Zim VP downing a plane as one of such blue lies peddled by zanu pf elite.

    So, all I am saying is may be its the beginning of the writing of a truthful Zim struggle history. All along it has been lie, lie, lies, lies. Zanu pf lies.

  2. col shadow September 7, 2014 at 8:01 pm #

    ‘Never in a thousand years’ was what Smith said during the strugg le .Think like a revolutionary we fought. and won the struggle. whats so amazing about differences in the house dont try to make mountain out of an ant hill its us Zanla /Zipra and the patriotic zimbabweans who liberated the likes of you. Mutsvangwa is justified .Patriotism comes with pride and costs that can not be measured .waivepi iwewe.

  3. No lies will cover the truth September 7, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    The whole truth will surface one day the question is will it be of any good when it does cause every time when some information comes up about wheqre we come from as a country we start realising that we’ve been fed lies all along,this makes us question every thing about our so called heroes and doubt their decisions making as leaders thus why we find our selves in this current situation were we are lead by people who got to their position thru lies and they appoint their freinds not on merit but as a way to buy their silence….The big question is who our true hereos do they exist nd who are our enemies do our so called hereos our enemies juss in a different skin colour….?

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