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Grace takeover: Madhuku threatens war

First Lady Grace Mugabe will place herself in harm’s way if she decides to take over the reins of power, National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku has said.


Madhuku told a Sapes Trust panel discussion on Thursday night that although Mugabe was still alive, he was slowly “decomposing”.

“The nation is in a serious state when you have a president who is in office alive, but decomposing and our political system depends on him,” Madhuku said.

“Mugabe is not able to make the day to day state running of the country and we all know that, and that is when the Grace factor comes to the rescue of decomposing Mugabe.”

Madhuku postulated that in the event that Mugabe died, Grace would require both military and divine intervention to survive.

“When you hear that Mugabe has gone, prayers must go to Grace and I would advise the military she needs maximum security in this country when you hear that Mugabe is gone,” he said.

Grace herself has also repeatedly made the bizarre allegations that there were people in Zanu PF out to assassinate her.

She dared the unnamed “vultures” to kill her and fulfil their wishes while addressing thousands of people attending her “Thank You” rally at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare.

Madhuku said the First Lady was aware that Mugabe was no longer capable of running the affairs of the state and indicated that there was a possibility that she was also peddling lies.

“Grace’s speech tells it differently from the Mugabe we all know. We know the President, but Grace tells us that Mugabe prays every day and he cares for us which is not true,” Madhuku said.

“It is a myth that at 90, the President is alive, it is a lie, and he is a decontrol leader.”

He said Grace would not survive beyond the death of Mugabe if she dared to succeed the 90-year-old Mugabe.

“Grace can be the chairperson of the Zanu PF Women’s League, she can be a member of the Zanu PF politburo, she can run around the country and shout at Zanu PF ministers, but she will not be the President of this country; that will never happen, we will go to war,” Madhuku said.

“We do not want the Mugabe family or any related person directly or indirectly to be the president. People have to find unlawful means to stop this. You cannot have a country where you say one ran it for 34 years and when he left his wife took over.”

Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba could not be reached for comment yesterday. He was however quoted in an online publication criticising Madhuku’s comments, describing the law professor as experiencing nightmares.

“Unless Madhuku is the assassin,” Charamba told . “I have absolutely no reason to follow his nightmare; he has slept at the wrong time and you know if you sleep during daytime you develop nightmares.”

Charamba also criticised Madhuku for declaring his generation would not allow Grace’s ascendency to the presidency.

“If you look at the context of that statement, you realise that he is not talking about Mugabe the person, he is talking about a species of politics which is nationalistic, which accepts our sovereign right to our resources,” Charamba said.

“That is what Madhuku says should never repeat itself in leadership of this country and that takes a lot, not in the prayer room as he claims. It takes politics of contestation for power which means the only way he can stop a Mugabe alike politician is by winning [power] from Zanu PF.”

Political analyst, Charles Mangongera said Grace was using unmeasured language which cast her in the light of an incapable leader.
“The issue of political secrets used to be said behind doors, but as for now it has become an open secret with Grace Mugabe using unmeasured language,” Mangongera said at the Sapes Trust discussion.

“Grace Mugabe’s actions express verbal anger and her language does not reflect the qualities of a leader or aspiring leader.”
Mangongera said unleashing Grace onto the political scene was a clear indication that Mugabe did not have trust in those on the front, hence making it a family affair.

“The on-going rallies by Grace clearly show that there is something bigger for someone who is already the secretary of Woman League,” he said.

Mangongera said the Zanu PF December congress was likely to turn into “rapture” for the ruling party.

“If you see one political leader addressing people and some of the leaders not present, it is a sign of rapture,” Mangongera said.

2 Responses to Grace takeover: Madhuku threatens war

  1. joseph kudiwa October 19, 2014 at 1:41 pm #

    hamukazive madhuku kamuka kanga kari kupi hakazive nguva yekurara zvino kakuvhumuka nemasikati.vamwe vamberi mama havasi kumira.

  2. ceremonial president October 19, 2014 at 4:36 pm #

    Madhuku[head tyles] is saying the truth remember the followng people ae also eying that positon .Mutasa,Mujuru, Gono, Munangagwa.J.Moyo,Dabengwa,Tsvangison, Biti, Muttambara,Ncube,Sikala,Chihuri,Chiwenga, Shiri etc.its a 400degreees celcius hot blast furnace hapaite mother makwikwi women’ s league yes tongai haina problem izvezvi vakanyarara nekuti mudhara is there kungoti kwake pote mapera .Kana mati munoda kutonga tsvagai ma advissors akaita seni maybe we can achieve asi tinenge tava kusandura all the plans then we build together but for the moment leave the Baba to deal ne factionalism remember u are the mother mukatipfekedza napkin nehasha munotipinner nenyama Kana mavakutaura musaita hasha uye musataridza kuti nhingi hamumude inga tose tiri vana venyu wani . iam apologising on behalf of Amai Mujuru if she wronged u take her in your office tell her the offence rectiffy her vana ndevenyu manje mukatiponda pa public tinotsamwawo tikazodzorera mukasvoda munenge mongonzi maiwona here mai iya zvonzi ipi iyazve yekutaurisa yekuzorohwa nevana manje zvinozonakidza here

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