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Chinese delegation jets in today

A delegation from the Chinese International Cooperation Centre of National Development and Reform Commission (ICC-NDRC) jets in today for a seminar on cooperation between Zimbabwe and the Asian giant.


The delegation, headed by ICC-NDRC director general Cao Wenlian, will hold a seminar with their Zimbabwean counterparts on China-Zimbabwe cooperation starting tomorrow, the Chinese Embassy said.

The seminar will be organised by the Office of the President and Cabinet.

The delegation will also tour the Morton Jaffray Water Works where the capital draws the bulk of its water.

Harare City Council obtained a US$144 million loan from China to implement infrastructure rehabilitation works at Morton Jaffray.

China is seen by Zimbabwe as an all-weather friend after the country looked East following the tightening of screws by the West due to human rights violations and governance deficit.

Trade volumes between Zimbabwe and China doubled between 2010 and 2013 to US$1,1 billion. Chinese firms have been receiving favourable terms and are allowed to operate in sectors mainly reserved for locals.

Despite Chinese firms getting favourable conditions in Zimbabwe, Beijing has given Harare a wide berth as it signed billion dollar infrastructure deals with other African countries.

Experts say China won’t be using sentiments in pursuing investment deals but would look at the bankability of projects.

Last year, President Robert Mugabe led a delegation to China where “mega deals” involving infrastructure projects were signed.

Nothing has however been seen to materialise from those deals.
The mission of ICC-NDRC is to execute cooperation projects between NDRC and international organisations as well as foreign governments, enterprises and organisations.

It facilitates bilateral negotiations and cooperation mechanisms between NDRC and foreign governments and organises international exchanges between bilateral governments and civil society.

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