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Councillors confront Zifa board

Zifa councillors are said to have taken the association’s board to task for spending more time on fighting factional wars than concentrating on football issues.


The councillors make up the Zifa Assembly and at the extraordinary general meeting on Friday, they are said to have voiced concern on factional fights that have rocked the Zifa board.

The Cuthbert Dube-led board has members whose divisions allegedly centre on chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze.

Some are critical of Mashingaidze’s style of doing duty, especially assuming their roles, while others are said to support him.

According to sources who attended the meeting, the councillors expressed displeasure on the amount of time spent squabbling while football business remained stagnant.

The issue of factions is said to have been discussed for the greater part of the meeting.

Assembly members have often been accused of failing to question frailties of the board and are viewed as having a lenient stance on Dube, but they broke their silence on Friday.

“They [councillors] even asked the president to change his attitude on the way he leads the association. There was high concern that the current administration has spent more time suspending members and this has not changed our fortunes. Because of this, critical football issues are left unattended to,” said the sources.

Dube was then quoted on Zifa’s website yesterday gagging board members from leaking information to the press.

This comes as finer details of Zifa squabbles have found their way into the mainstream media.
“Confidentiality is the hallmark of good corporate governance,” said Dube.

“The association’s confidentiality was put to the test as some confidential correspondences and other documents were leaked to specific media houses. Such practice is not only despicable, but it is also in violation of Zifa statutes on communication through the media.”

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