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Zimra overwhelmed by tax amnesty responses

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) commissioner general Gershem Pasi said 1 471 applications for the tax amnesty have so far been received and of these 159 have been rejected for various reasons.


The tax amnesty covers offences which were committed in February 2009 to September 2014 and the period within which a person can apply for tax amnesty is from October 2014 to March 31 2015.

Zimra commissioner general Gershem Pasi said the amnesty was aimed at giving relief to taxpayers, cultivating a culture of voluntary compliance, spreading the tax burden among a wider base and facilitating the provision of more accurate dates on level of economic activity.

“To date, we have received 1 471 applications, out of these, 159 were rejected mainly because of incomplete information and also [for] making declarations on amounts that would have already been assessed,” Pasi said.

“After March 31 2015 the amnesty ceases to be applicable. However, those who have applied will have terms of payment and the terms have been extended from October 2014 to December 2015.”

He said Zimra was being owed over $1 billion in taxes and many clients have agreed to pay in agreed terms.

Pasi said there were more people still out there who have not owned up.

“We urge the citizens to take advantage of the amnesty. Now we have only one month. We want to make a promise, come April and moving forward we will not be as lenient and we have all the information and capacity to come after them,” he said.

Pasi said government revenue target for 2015 was $3, 951 billion, of which $3,76 billion was supposed to come from taxes.

In 2014, Zimra missed its revenue target by 6% as it raised $3,6 billion against a target of $3,82 billion.

Pasi said the 2015 net collections to date amounted to $468,53 million against a target of $542,08 million, which translate to a negative variance of 14%.

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