‘Pray for President Mugabe’

Prophet Walter Magaya has appealed to Zimbabweans and other people from all over the world to pray for President Robert Mugabe.

Prophet Walter Magaya has appealed to Zimbabweans and other people from all over the world to pray for President Robert Mugabe.

By Jairos Saunyama

He said people should know that God is the one who has taken him this far in his life and office.

Magaya said Mugabe’s “wisdom” was from God hence people should pray for the 91-year- old leader.

“Pray for President Robert Mugabe. He is where he is because God has allowed it. God gave him the wisdom. So I want you to stand up representing your nation, from Mozambique, Malawi, as women of valour, stand up and pray. I bless you Zimbabwe,” said Magaya.

Speaking to journalists later, Magaya said his message on praying for Mugabe was not political.

“He is my President. He is the leader and we should pray for him. This is not political but I believe the church has a role to pray for our President. I am not making this gathering political. Our nation is healing and we need to pray hard,” he said.

Mugabe makes numerous trips to Singapore to seek medical attention where he is receiving treatment for eye cataracts. First Lady, Grace Mugabe is also said to be struggling with her health, amid reports they she had an operation to remove a part of her colon that had become cancerous.

Asked by journalists to comment of the issue of the First Lady, who is reportedly out of the country seeking medical attention, Magaya said he was not aware of the issue but only read it in the papers.

Magaya told the thousands of women from all over Zimbabwe and beyond borders that 80 % of marriages in the country were collapsing and so the church had a role in fighting anti-marriage spirits.

“This all-night is for the women and I chose it as a special moment to pray for them. About 80% of marriages in this country and beyond are collapsing.Marriages are not lasting beyond five or six months as divorce cases are rising each time. So I took this moment to pray for the women and let me say that I was not expecting this crowd. There are a lot of people here,” said Magaya.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe yesterday left the country for Tanzania where he is expected to attend the China-Africa Young Leader Forum, just two days after he returned home from Algeria.

Mugabe’s visit to Tanzania is the ninth foreign trip he has undertaken this year alone, on government business, for medical check-ups and also on holiday and personal business.

The trips are estimated to have gobbled over $10 million at a time when the country’s economic woes are rising.

The forum in Tanzania is expected to provide a platform for youths in Africa and China to exchange ideas and chart ways of advancing the relationship between African parties and the Communist Party of China, as well as exploring investment channels for Africa and China.