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Increase in trespassers at Mujuru farm raises People First worries

People First has expressed concern at the increasing cases of intruders being intercepted at former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s Ruzambo Beatrice farm.

By Everson Mushava

Spokesperson of the outfit, Rugare Gumbo said it was disturbing that the trespassing was coming at a time some senior Zanu PF officials and government ministers have threatened that Mujuru “would be downed forever, never to resurrect”.

Although she has declined to state her position, Mujuru is allegedly linked to People First which is expected to challenge President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 elections. The former VP last week said she would not be pushed into pre-empting her political future.

Gumbo said threats against Mujuru had death connotations and the increasing number of trespassers at the former VP’s farm was a major cause for concern.

“We are obviously very concerned with what is happening. When they said they will make sure that Mujuru will never resurrect, it was a threat and what is happening now at her farm can point to that,” Gumbo said.

Gumbo said Zanu PF had proved to be ruthless by the way senior members were either fired or suspended in a purge of all those perceived to be Mujuru loyalists.

Gumbo, former presidential affairs minister Didymus Mutasa and several other government ministers and provincial executive members have been fired over their alleged links to Mujuru.

“We are not surprised because there has been a concerted move to embarrass Mujuru despite the fact that she has never said anything against anyone,” he said.

“Whatever they do, they will not succeed. Mujuru is well-entrenched in the people. She has massive support. She is a war veteran and understands the game. She is mentally strong and is fully aware of their machinations.”

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya-Moyo could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Recently three men were caught trespassing at Mujuru’s farm at around 3am. One of them was said to be a police officer. Two days earlier another man who appeared mentally unstable was also found at the farm and claimed to be Mujuru’s lover. The man later claimed he wanted to drop some letters from Sadc, although he had nothing on him.

A few months ago, six people, two of them suspected to be state agents, were allegedly caught snooping at the Beatrice farm and claimed to be relatives of the Mujuru family although they were not related to the former VP in any way.

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