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Zanu PF rule two years on: Agony, unfulfilled promises

FRIDAY July 31 marked exactly two years after the 2013 harmonised elections. What prevails today is a case of unfulfilled promises and hopelessness in the country whose economic fortunes continue to tumble.


Zanu PF won the elections with over two-thirds majority and promised to create 2,2 million jobs over five years by unlocking value from idle assets worth at least US$1,8 trillion of mineral claims or reserves.

But two years down the line, the country is in a state of paralysis with thousands losing their jobs almost weekly. Analysts who spoke to The Standard said the Zanu PF government had failed the people and it was time for President Robert Mugabe and his team to go.

“In the past two years, the Zanu PF government has focused largely on its own internal party problems than on national issues,” political analyst, Takura Zhangazha said. “It has spent more time dousing its internal fires and changing its internal configuration as opposed to governing in a universal fashion and on non-partisan basis.”
Social commentator and blogger Blessing Vava said the fact that Zanu PF had failed was not a secret, as by the party’s own admission, its policies had failed to take off.

“It is no longer a secret that Zanu PF has failed to fulfil its election promises two years down the line and Zim Asset has essentially failed to turn around our economy,” said Vava.

“The future looks bleak under a Zanu PF government as Zimbabwe is further isolated on the global stage. Maybe Zimbabwe needs another coalition government. Opposition parties need to come together and field one candidate if they are to dislodge Zanu PF,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said the Zanu PF regime had failed to rescue the national economy from an endless tailspin that has led to workers losing their jobs in the formal sector as companies and industries close down.
“Thousands of people have been thrown onto the streets in the past few days alongside over 60 000 that have lost their jobs in the past two years,” Gutu said.

“Robert Mugabe might have successfully managed to rig the elections on July 31 2015 but he has certainly dismally failed to rig the economy. The end game is beckoning.”

Gutu said the past two years had been characterised by unprecedented economic stagnation and socio-political decay underpinned by a severe liquidity crunch.

“Poverty and destitution have escalated and millions of Zimbabweans are now living like scavengers and beggars in their own country. Many companies and industries have closed down and the national revenue base has shrunk considerably as the economy goes into despair and hopelessness. Everything that can go wrong has already gone wrong,” he said.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo on his own admission said Zim Asset had failed to realise its target. He made the disclosure while addressing an International SMEs expo in Harare last week.
In the party’s 2013 manifesto, Mugabe stated that the party would work on addressing the challenges caused by the inclusive government.

“This policy will create dignified employment, especially for the youth, distribute wealth amongst citizens more equitably, and cause a general improvement in the quality of life of every Zimbabwean.”
But two years on, thousands of youths have been reduced to vendors, wantonly harassed by the municipal police everyday.
The Zanu PF manifesto promised to provide every Zimbabwean with a high quality life in terms of “access to decent work or employment, reliable transport, quality education, good health, decent housing or shelter, water and sanitation.”
The party also promised the government would build 1,25 million houses to clear the national housing backlog. But housing for all has remained a pipedream as the Zanu PF government has instead focused on demolition of houses.
The manifesto said the cornerstone of Zanu PF’s reform programme was indigenisation and economic empowerment.
But the indigenisation policy appears to have failed amid allegations that top government and ruling party officials, as well as some traditional leaders, have abused the Community Share Ownership Trusts which were touted as the panacea to empowerment at grassroots level.

4 Responses to Zanu PF rule two years on: Agony, unfulfilled promises

  1. Musona August 2, 2015 at 12:56 pm #

    Black rule came far too early. Noticed that ALL our politicians are Reserve-born including Mugabe and Tsvangirai. There’s no way these Reserve-born politicians can create jobs for the people. These Reserve-born politicians do not know how society operated under white rule: how various things are interlinked. Some of them like Mugabe have learnt from First World or advanced society economics textbooks and Indian nationalist politics/policies (resource nationalism) and try and apply these to Third World environment which is totally different. There’s a world of difference between life in the Reserves and life in the towns. I cannot see how someone has just come from the Reserves and is still learning how to live in the city start lecturing us the urban-born how to create jobs and run our lives when they are coming from a backward Reserve way of living. In other words, these politicians from the backward Reserves cannot lecture us or lead us, the urban-born who are savvy, when they do not understand how things operated under white rule. For example I know that you needed the rich whites for the country to continue to move steadily forward. Most of what the Reserve-born nationalists have been saying or are saying is a load of nonsense. You cannot change a system when you do not fully understand the system that existed before. If you do not understand the science or engineering behind a car’s engine you cannot try and start modifying a car engine. What a Reserve-born politician regards as racism is not racism to me but realism. We are not fools, we spent years studying the situation that we were born in. I don’t care what anyone says there was absolutely nothing wrong with what the whites were doing. Everything was orderly and life had some meaning. How can Mugabe give vast tracts of land to poor people with no money or unique skills to do serious commercial farming and dispossess those who have the skills and the money? Daftest. This country was not created by Mugabe but by the whites. People must not be fooled by Mugabe – he knows sod all. Standard Six Idi Amin ran Uganda much better than Mugabe with his 6 Diplomas.

  2. Frank Masango August 7, 2015 at 2:41 pm #

    Check This – The truth about black people

    • VeronicaDJames August 7, 2015 at 3:46 pm #

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  3. Musona August 7, 2015 at 7:54 pm #

    What James David Manning is saying in the video is precisely what I have been saying for decades. Any moron from the remotest part of the country can be a Professor or have degrees like Mugabe: this does not mean they are clever. There’s what is commonly called “street wisdom” which is much more important than a mere degree. To be a politician in a Third World country like Zimbabwe you have to understand how society operated under white rule. You reaped what you sowed under white rule. Mugabe is worse because during his formative years he never mixed with other people. He has a single track mind. He thinks opposing everything done or said by the white man is a sign of intelligence. Like what James Manning is saying – before colonialism there was absolutely nothing. I always give the example of a GEJO (ox-drawn plough) introduced by the white man. There were no lavatories even. You heard it from Manning – “Egypt is not Africa”. Most jingoists always cite Egypt as a sign of advanced African civilisation. Colonialism was the biggest force-multiplier ever. How can people say “ZanuPF liberated the country” when there was no nation-stated before 1890? It was the whites who created this country and other African states. I will not rest my case.

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