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Gamatox was behind Baba’s wrong speech howler

Dear my people,
I am sure all of you have been wondering where I have been for the past two weeks.


Well, I actually wrote part of this weekly address from the Far East where I was having a routine medical review.
Despite my busy schedule, I felt it was my duty as your mother, to address you, otherwise some of you would go into depression because of worrying about my wellbeing.

I know that some of you will start wishing bad things to happen to me, but I can assure you, like Baba likes to say, I am as fit as two fiddles.

For your information, I did not do any shopping, although my detractors would want to peddle false information to the effect that I was doing some retail therapy and shopped till I nearly collapsed.

I also passed through Dubai for an urgent mother-to-son discussion. I know some of you gleefully relished purported pictures of my son which are being circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Needless to say, I received assurances that the compromising photographs with what must have been a white girl were photo-shopped and he assured me that it was the work of my detractors.

I suspect Joice and Moregirls Tsvangirai are behind those pictures and the WhatsApp scandal.

Emmerson’s howler on Joshua Nkomo
I am beginning to believe that like Baba once famously said, it was not a given that either Joice or Emmerson would succeed him. Joice is already out of the picture, together with her SK Moyo who had told himself that he would be vice-president.

Poor boy, he now works in Baba’s office following the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

Sorry, my mind had wondered off, but who can blame me given that things seem to be getting out of control.

Oh yes, Joice was “baby-dumped” ahead of Emmerson, but I find his statements on the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo not strategic for winning the hearts and minds of Zimbabweans. It was not wise to say Nkomo served the interests of white people during the war of liberation. Given the outcry that has been generated by the alleged statements, I am left with no option but to recommend to Baba that he may have to think deeply on his successor.

Of course, people say I said inappropriate things about men from Matabeleland during my famous meet-the-people outreach, and that Baba said nasty things about Kalanga people, but we all know those malicious journalists who are funded by Joice were paid to twist the facts. Thankfully, you my people know Baba and I could not have made the statements attributed to us.

But following Emmerson’s howler, don’t be surprised to see hordes of women, youths, men and different sectors trooping to Mazowe, begging me to consider assuming a senior position in the party, so that I lead.

With humility I will accept wherever the membership of our great party deploys me.
I smell a smell
I smell a big conspiracy among the people who are surrounding Baba. You will remember that some time ago after tripping at the airport, he almost fell but gallantly broke the fall. Strangely, none of his close aides attempted to help him break his fall. Others were seen laughing. So, needless to say, heads had to roll.

I think following the delivery of the wrong speech in Parliament by Baba last week, more heads have to roll. The same speech was read by the Grandmaster before I went to the Far East. How did that happen?  Why was he not allowed to peruse it before delivering it, which is the normal thing to do? Even those who printed the speech, did they not read what they had printed? When Baba was gallantly and heroically delivering his speech, why was he not stopped and given the correct speech? Why were our party’s MPs applauding the Supreme Leader when they knew he was reading the wrong speech? Or were they mocking him?

I think there are still some residues of Gamatox in the system and we need to ensure heads roll.

Was this an idea to portray the Supreme Leader as not of sound mind and health to provide grounds for impeachment?
I fear next time we should be careful as detractors may write a resignation letter for the Supreme Leader to read in Parliament or give him a speech which was read many years ago at the Heroes Acre, just to embarrass him.

A warning for Journalists
Journalists have always vilified me, including those in other countries! In one country they tried to take pictures of us but I simply told them: “Don’t take photo!”

Or maybe I should have said: “Stop It!”

In Zimbabwe, we don’t kill journalists as what is happening in South Sudan and Mozambique and I think the Supreme Leader’s plea was clear enough on the need to write correct things.

“The journalism we are experiencing is not the journalism we expect. If we begin to take control now, rigid control, people should not then cry foul.”

So to all the journalists, Baba is essentially saying: “Stop It!!”

Your Mother
Doctor Amai (PHD UZ)

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