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Kereke reports CIO boss, Gono to police

Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) chief, Happyton Bonyongwe, a senior agency staffer and ex-central bank governor Gideon Gono must be investigated and prosecuted for treason, fraud, giving State secrets to foreign governments and undermining the security of President Robert Mugabe.


“Due process of the law must take its full course without delay, fear or favour” and, should the ZRP fail to act, the trio will be privately prosecuted over these serious allegations.


So read an affidavit handed to the police in Harare on Friday by Zanu PF legislator Munyaradzi Kereke, a day after the Prosecutor General dramatically issued a certificate allowing his private prosecution on rape charges.

Kereke, a former senior Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) employee, has had a long-running feud with Gono since the latter fired him from the central bank in 2012.

Gono responded to Kereke’s new attack on Friday night, telling NewZimbabwe.com that: “Every time the man is under self-inflicted pressure, he invokes diversionary tactics to divert public attention from his challenges instead of focusing on trying to resolve them.

“It seems clear to me that the reported child rape case now under private prosecution is getting him worked up.”

In his affidavit, however, Kereke also wants Jemius Madzingira, “who is the director of economics division in the CIO, and is brother-in-law to” Bonyongwe investigated and prosecuted over the same treason allegations.

“I make this formal report to the Zimbabwe Republic Police [ZRP] both in my capacity as an elected member of Parliament charged with the official duty of protecting the Constitution of Zimbabwe as stipulated under Section 119 (1) of the Constitution, and in my capacity as a concerned Zimbabwean citizen as protected by Section 85 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“The individual and collective actions of the above three accused persons directly undermined the wellbeing of and multiple fundamental rights of Zimbabweans; prejudiced the State of its public funds; sabotaged the recovery of the Zimbabwean economy, as well as threating the peace and security of Zimbabwe in direct criminal abuse of their offices.”

Kereke claimed to hold evidence proving his allegations, adding the material is being kept secure by his lawyers “in case my own personal security and life is compromised under the current literal man-hunt to kill mode I am now subjected to”.

“I hereby urge the Zimbabwe Republic Police to fully investigate these crimes and bring the above culprits to account as is expected under the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“I also wish to state that all my written past efforts to surrender to the ZRP evidence proving [Gono’s] role in the multi-million dollar fraud at Fidelity Printers and Refiners have been fruitless to date. The same correspondence was sent to the Prosecutor General’s office.

“In the event the Zimbabwe Republic Police, for one reason or another, sees no merit in pursuing the above matters, I hereby request that this be stated so that the above accused persons can face private prosecution.

“I am available to fully cooperate with the police in the above matters.”

Reached for comment late Friday night, Gono said: “I had long back resolved not to entertain issues from Dr Munyaradzi Kereke, the ‘Honourable’ legislator for Bikita West, Masvingo, for the simple reason that to him, Dr Gono’s actions while I was governor are the A-Z of everything criminal, treasonous or fraudulent in Zimbabwe.”

The former RBZ chief added: “Since he [Kereke] claims to have evidence against myself, Director General Bonyongwe, and the director of economics in the President’s Office [Madzingira], he knows better where to turn that evidence to allow for due process and the law to take its course.

“He is on the right track by going to police and naturally, they will do their work based on evidence supplied by clean and credible hands.

“So I await details of the charges to which I will naturally respond through appropriate channels when that time comes.

“Be rest assured that I will not seek to avoid or prevent due processes from taking place, neither will I refuse to stand before any court of justice when called upon to explain anything or defend myself.”

Kereke alleged that the full machinery of CIO was being deployed to haunt him, his family and business matters.

He alleged Gono and Madzingira were haunting him for protesting and blocking their attempt to sell Zimbabwe’s entire printing and gold smelting factory at Fidelity Printers and Refiners to a Chinese national with close business ties.

“I had to go to the extent of approaching the then Attorney General Johannes Tomana and recommended that government quickly drafted a statutory clause outlawing the sale of Fidelity Printers, as the accused persons had selfishly and corruptly wanted to sell this strategic national asset for a mere US$12 million, yet market value at that time was around US$100 million,” Kereke claimed.

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