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What if all men join the Women’s League?

Dear my people,
As you may know, or should know by now, last week I was in China at the invitation of our all-weather friends, or is it all whether?


Anyway, as I said last week, I consulted my medical experts who declared me as fit as 100 fiddles.

Naturally, they said I should take it easy for a while.

So there may be a reduction of activities, but if anything happens, I will hop on the plane, or is it hope on the plain while Mboko travels by road so that he is on time to sing my praises before introducing me.

His double-breasted jackets are beginning to amuse me so I will suggest to him to come resplendent in those six-button suits.

I have also been wondering. What if I create another structure in the Party for men?

The “Women’s League for Men”. I am sure there would be many members. I am sure you have seen all those women, sorry, men, that follow me to all my rallies. There are more males than women, hence the idea to give the male-women their own wing in the party.

The Women’s League for Men would be an appropriate operational name for now.

Was it Margret Dongo who made some very unrevolutionary statements that certain men in a certain political party were wives of a certain leader.

Kkkkkkk [laughing]
I actually have T-shirts written: Munhuwese kuna Amai, please list 10 men who should be in the executive of the Women’s League for Men and name the leaders. Send answers to doctorstopit@gmail.com.

Thank you journalists for not misbehaving
I am happy that those pesky journalists have behaved themselves and not tried to imply that I used State resources to pursue personal and Party  issues  in China.

Can you imagine if they had tried to imply that I used State resources in order to engage in private family matters like receiving medical attention? That would have been  unacceptable and unprofessional  journalism.

Naturally, we will not endanger the revolution by revealing what exactly it was that we were doing in China.
If the journalists had written something unpatriotic, I would naturally have told them to Stop It! Or told them about their mothers.

Kwaaaaaaa! [laughing]

I can now afford to tell you which part of Asia I was visiting because security is very crucial in these days of Gamatox, but I will share some private developments.

So crucial  is security that one of the women who was supposed to accompany me to China found her name removed from the list of delegates.

She is being unnecessarily unreasonable by  interfering with my plans for Manicaland.

My boys and girls also tell me that she has very strong links with The Lizard.

 You should have seen her face when she was told that she was NOT getting on MY plane.

Kkkkkkkkkk [laughing]!

The same befell another female comrade who was supposed to accompany us to New York for the UN meetings.

I spoke to her on the phone nicely to discuss some issues. After the conversation she thought she had turned off her phone. But she hadn’t and I had not turned off mine. Unbeknown to her, I listened to everything she was saying to her friends.All the nasty things she said about me. Later I phoned her to tell her I had heard all that she had said.

Needless to say, when she turned up at the airport, her name was not on the list of delegates.

Kkkkkk! Ah yas!

I smell a smell
I hear the Lizard and his henchmen and women are busy meeting and planning all sorts of things in Kwekwe, Zvishavane, Mberengwa and Gokwe.

I hear temperatures are so high that some people in the Midlands are being paid money to say all sorts of things such as, they don’t want me to come and address  them and  give their chiefs suits, second-hand clothes and tractors.

Looks like the chairman, who is resisting me at the instigation of the Lizard, will have to go.

I will deal with the Lizard later.

The Lizard should remember I brought down Joice who had successfully outsmarted him until I rescued him. A whole Joice whom we were told downed a Rhodesian helicopter during the war.

Of course, those heroics have been proven  as untrue.

Still, I brought down Teurairopa who had all but defeated the Lizard before last year’s congress.

So in everything  that he does, the Lizard  should remember I can bring down some mighty people. Ask Teurairopa.

Remember, I said in Rushinga that even if people were war veterans, they needed to remain faithful to the revolution. I even told them that if they strayed from ideology,  we would ask them who had sent them to the war in the first place.

I hope Comrade Mutsvangwa will clarify what he meant when he said he would always salute Joice Mujuru.
Munhuwese Kuna Amai!

Umasalu wezwelonke
Your Next Leader
Dr Amai (PhD  UZ)

For feedback please email: doctorstopit@gmail.com

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