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Mujuru not yet finished: Grace

First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday claimed former Vice-President Joice Mujuru was busy mobilising people ahead of the 2018 elections, warning that Zanu PF can ignore her at its own peril.


Grace told thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Murewa that Ray Kaukonde, Mashonaland East’s former Zanu PF chairman, was leading Mujuru’s mobilisation strategy targeting mostly youths.


She said the Mujuru strategy was to go for youths, as young as 15 years as they would be eligible to vote come 2018.

“I hear the Mujuru demon is still in the province. We hear Kaukonde is busy giving people money. Please don’t receive dirty money,” she said.

“The enemy is still there; I hear children who are 15 years are being targeted because they don’t know the history of this country.

“Ask your children where they are getting cellphones. They are campaigning for 2018 because they know then they will be eligible to vote.”

Grace urged the youth league to monitor their peers and guard against Mujuru’s alleged maneouvres.

She threatened to deal with Kaukonde “until he gets tall”. She said the former MP should be dragged before the courts for allegedly extorting money from white farmers in the province.

Grace also claimed there were people within Zanu PF who were spying for Mujuru.

“Zanu PF is being used by people to make money. There are people who join Zanu PF to use the party to make money but they are People First. They are being paid to spy,” she said.

“I was talking to [national commissar Saviour] Kasukuwere and telling him there is a demon in Mashonaland East.

“I did not take demons to Mashonaland West but some brought demons here,” she said in apparent reference to Mujuru who hails from Mashonaland Central but was married to the late retied general Solomon Mujuru who hails from Mashonaland East.

Mujuru and her allies were expelled from Zanu PF before and after the 2014 congress for allegedly trying to topple Mugabe, allegations that were never pursued or proved. The former Zanu PF officials are now mobilising to challenge Mugabe under the People First banner.

People First spokesperson Rugare Gumbo described Grace’s claims as tragic.

“She seems to know what we are doing but all I can say is we are cursed as Zimbabwe and people who you assisted to get freedom are fighting and attacking us every day,” she said.

“It’s a tragedy for Zimbabwe. It is not for us to judge but it’s for people to do so. It’s unfortunate this is the Zimbabwe we have and all I can say is good luck.”

Grace led the push against Mujuru and her allies last year accusing Mugabe’s former deputy of corruption and incompetence.

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