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Magaya, Makandiwa’s 2016 predictions

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries leader, Walter Magaya and his United Families International Church counterpart, Emmanuel Makandiwa say 2016 will bring better economic fortunes despite indications of a tough year ahead.


Magaya and Makandiwa made the predictions in their New Year crossover events, saying the change in Zimbabwe’s fortune could see an “overflow and abundance” and “a great harvest”.

The two preachers, who command large followings at their separate church gatherings, told their followers that although 2015 was a challenging year, “God has something special for his people in 2016.”

“God said to me, 2016 is the year of overflow and abundance,” Magaya told multitudes of his followers gathered at his Waterfalls Church in Harare, prompting them to break into song and dance.

In Chitungwiza, it was almost a similar message from Makandiwa as he declared 2016 a year of “great harvest.”

“This is a year of great harvest as there will be no depression and sorrows,” Makandiwa said.

“I know you have suffered enough individually and as a country.

“You have sacrificed a lot and the Lord has told me that 2016 is a year of great harvest.

“Whatever you do, great harvest, in your marriages, great harvest in your finances, great harvest and all you wish for it shall come your way.

“The devil has no chance this year in your life. You shall reap in multitudes. Those who don’t know shall ask why; tell them it is a year of great harvest.”

Magaya said before he made the declaration about 2016, he had spent the greater part of December interceding and seeking God’s plans. He travelled to Nigeria for confirmation of his prophecy from his spiritual father, TB Joshua.

“I am not looking at your situation, you are listening to the declaration, God said to me, overflow into your country, overflow in your life, overflow in your marriage, overflow in your finances,” he said as the church burst into song and dance.

“This year, ask your neighbour; how big is your garage? How big is your house? How big is your wardrobe? Because it is a year of overflow,” he shouted.

“I went to ask my spiritual father and he confirmed this. Yes, I know we are going through tough times as a country, but this year, it is a year of overflow.

“I asked him [TB Joshua], my father, this is what the Lord is telling me, but look at our situation as a country, as Africa, is this true? He said it is true.”

The crossover services at both churches were attended by thousands of people drawn from across the country and beyond, including government ministers, legislators and diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe, among others.

At PHD ministries, congregates were treated to song and dance by Matthias Mhere, Blessing Shumba and others.

As the new year approached, Magaya took to the stage, ordering that all lights be switched off and everyone use an “anointed” candle to “light their lives into 2016”.

The candle light ceremony saw the entire arena being covered with little lights from thousands of candles as the electricity-powered lights were switched off for 15 minutes.

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