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Standard wheels: Nissan X-Trail: Comfort, style and economy

The all-new Nissan X-Trail has the capability to take you where you want to go with the comfort, technology and style to ensure a premium drive. Recently presented at a cocktail for customers at Nissan Clover Leaf Motors, I had the opportunity to test-drive this vehicle from Harare to the sugarcane fields of Triangle and Chiredzi. Whoever said experience is the greatest teacher knew exactly what they were talking about. When you want to do justice and fully expound on a product and what it offers, you have to experience it. The Harare-Chivhu highway was hectic as always with countless heavy-duty trucks, but at every opportunity, over-taking was a breeze as the takeoff and acceleration in the all new X-Trail had my adrenalin on high. Our roads, even on the highway, have somehow turned into mini dongas and ditches, but the high ground clearance made it all easy to manoeuvre through to safety without worrying about the suspension or losing a tyre or two.

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It is possible to have the best of both worlds with the all-new Nissan X-Trail — you get all the adventure and performance you can handle, neatly packaged in a car that’s naturally as fuel efficient as it is economical. I only fuelled once on the 500km journey and on my return I topped up when I was in Beatrice, just under 80km from Harare.

“On economy, this is by all standards a bang for your hard-earned dollar. The new Nissan X-Trail comes packed with class leading performance features. When it comes to safety, the Nissan Safety Shield is a comprehensive approach to safety that guides the engineering and development of every vehicle we make. We help protect you and your passengers by focusing on three key areas: keeping an eye on your vehicle’s systems and the surrounding, assisting in handling unexpected situations, and helping to keep you safe in the unfortunate event of an accident,” Nissan SSA said in a statement.

You need a vehicle that’s as open to adventure as you are. The all-new Nissan X-Trail has the capability to take you where you want to go with the comfort, technology and style to ensure a premium drive. Keep up with your true self.

Large families or the adventurous person needs all the room you can get in your vehicle. The X-Trail comes with enough room for craft and crew. With room for an object around 2 metres long; Nissan X-Trail gives you possibilities you never knew you had. With a clever 40/20/40 folding seat, there’s plenty of room to bring friends along. Whether it’s an inspiring view on a starry night, or just a cosy place to sit on a chilly morning, Nissan X-Trail makes sure you’re well looked after.

NissanConnect is smart technology that keeps your world within reach. It felt good going to an area I had never been before with a willing playmate and adventurous vehicle. With my bluetooth connected, I enjoyed my highway playlist listening to Adele’s sobby music and constantly crossing over to more hyped up gospel music of the legendary Sinach. Besides this, it also has a host of technologies that includes NissanConnect apps. Your Nissan X-Trail can be your smartphone’s best friend. Music, information, and the apps that keep you connected to your world all work seamlessly together through Nissan X-Trail’s audio system. And it keeps on getting better: the app alerts you of updates to the latest version, and the basic app package is free for the first three years.

Technology changes everything. Loaded with available high tech and instant entertainment features, Nissan X-Trail transforms your whole drive.

The new X-Trail is available in these derivatives, 2,0 XE $40 800  which does 8,3 (L/100 KM), petrol and is a 2 WD 200Nm@4400rpm, 17” alloy wheels, cruise control, bluetooth, advance drive-assist display, audio, driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags and a 4WD priced at $44 600. A few financial institutions are offering options with interests and rates that vary, so shop around before committing.

If you are in the market for a new crossover big enough for the family and you want to keep them safe, the new Nissan X-Tail is the way to go.

Buckle up and be safe.

*Additional source: Nissan SSA
email: missjeke@gmail.com

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