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Dr Stop It: Supreme Leader can be life president, permanent AU chairperson

Hello my children,
I do hope I find you well, except of course for those People Last dreamers. Moregirls Tsvangson does not really bother me because his party is dead and buried. And if he is to become a genuine threat, we can always send some girls to distract him — ever noticed that most of the women in his life have roots in Zanu PF?


But anyway, I digress. I received some very good news this week ahead of the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The positive news for you all and the rest of Africa is that there are some countries in Africa that feel, the Supreme Leader should be given another term as the AU chairperson.

If that happens, it would be a plus because the Supreme Leader would fly all over Africa and represent the continent at other world meetings.

Naturally, I would accompany him and while he is in meetings, I can always do a bit of shopping.

Knowing Zimbabweans as I do, I do not think you would mind or be worried by the cost associated with retaining the AU chairmanship.
Millions of US dollars were allegedly gobbled by trips related to the AU chair while civil servants went without bonuses and hospitals with no drugs, but then who believes this?

Kwaaaaaaa! Sorry!

But hey, if fellow Africans wish to benefit from the Supreme Leader’s vision and wisdom, why should they be deprived of that wonderful opportunity?

How I wish Sadc would be progressive enough and come up with similar suggestions of giving Mdhara such a position as Honourary Life Chairperson.

And if the AU can come up with a position of Honorary Life Chairperson and then as Zimbabweans we confirm the position of Life President, then we would have proved to all those interfering whites that we can defend our territorial integrity and sovereignty!

This is all a sign that like you Zimbabweans, the whole African continent wants to be led by Comrade Mdhara.

Detractors will try to bring back that unfortunate statement by that girl, Margret Dongo, who said something about certain leaders being Mugabe’s wives simply because they were loyal followers.

In the same vein, we hope nobody will talk of the AU being populated by Mdhara’s wives simply because there are proposals that if the African people so wish, then the Supreme Leader will be prepared to be a servant and serve the continent.

And in all this, I will not just be Mo-ther of Zimbabwe, but Amai Africa.

In case any of you are in doubt, here is what Cde Kindness Paradza said after returning from Ethiopia: “The majority of African ambassadors in Addis Ababa and AU commissioners had a consensus that if it was possible, President Mugabe would be given a second term as chairman or assume any other supreme role to fulfill the Pan-African vision of the continental body.”
Kkkkk! Ah yas! Hokoyo!

I was appalled by the lack of understanding that some of you exhibited in discussions on political issues in Zimbabwe via social media. The general meaning of G40 is about a generation of people who are in their 40s and a few years older.

So can you imagine my shock when I overhead some people alleging that G40 stands for Gay 40!

Lucky for you, you have me your Mother who is always there to give you the correct information.

I am Back!

Now that I am back from my all expenses paid holidays, I believe it’s time to start the road shows again.

There are many outstanding issues like my long-anticipated visit to Bulawayo. The 21st February Movement Day — which I may soon declare into a national holiday — will also occupy me, including anticipated extra grandmotherly duties.

The creation of many centres of power in our party is causing me sleepless nights. I am scared because if Mdhara is no longer there, who will protect me and the children, together with all those farms that I have amassed?

In the Midlands, my people have been defeated by Ngwena and his people. Does the G40 have the stamina to fight team Lacoste?

Not only that, Team Lacoste  has successfully reversed that progressive resolution from the Women’s League to have Mdhara declared Life President and that a woman should be one of the vice-presidents.

Lacoste is getting more brazen by the day. Can you imagine his hooligans are busy wearing Lacoste regalia in public. I am sure you now understand my worries. And with all this division, what if Joice and her People Last win the next elections?

Munhuwese kuna Amai!
G40 Woye!
Umasalu wezwelonke!
MaTeacher kunaAmai!
Your Mother
Dr Amai (Fake PhD)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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