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Zanu PF MP lives in fear

ZANU PF MP for Mutasa South, Irene Zindi believes her enemies are out to get her after the legislator allegedly survived another attempt to kidnap her early this month.


Some unknown people allegedly tried to kidnap Zindi at her farm in Mutasa.

In 2014, three unknown men allegedly pounced at Zindi’s farm and grabbed her vehicle which they used to kidnap her.


She was later dumped at some bushy place in the area. The assailants later dumped the vehicle in Gweru and police have reportedly failed to find leads in the case.

“First and foremost it is just not fair to anyone to live in fear of some unknown people wanting to kidnap you.

“So, logically, I fear for my life because I don’t know when they are going to strike,” Zindi told The Standard.

“For instance, they [kidnappers] returned on Sunday [last week] around 6:30am, but thank God, my guards were very alert, particularly after the experience of 2014, July 25 when I was kidnapped by three men who came disguised as CIDs from Harare.”

She added: “Of course, they took me from home around 2:30pm in full view of my farm workers who were busy shelling maize.

“So, definitely I fear for my life because I have no clue as to why these people are targeting me.”

There is a lot of infighting in Zanu PF that has seen senior members publicly trading threats and insults against each other along factional lines.

Recently, Sports minister Makhosini Hlongwane allegedly found a live bullet in his hotel room in a case that was linked to the factional wars tearing Zanu PF apart.

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s offices were also recently broken into by unknown people.

Zindi said she was convinced there was a political hand in those pursuing her, but said she had no idea who they were.

“But I have strong suspicion that it is politically-motivated and this is regardless of the fact that I am quiet and minding my studies, my constituency and business. Therefore, it is mind-boggling to understand the motive.

“I have not been in an argument or have been fighting with anyone, hence it’s mind-boggling,” she said.

Zindi said she did not understand why police had not arrested the culprits.

“Equally perplexing, to this day no arrests have been made regardless of having taken the vehicle for forensic investigation,” she said.
“I was informed that no fingerprints could be picked, nor could they identify the owner of the pistol used when they shot at me when I submitted the spent cartridge to the CID Mutare investigating officer.

“Therefore, I really feel that police have not done proper investigations in order to get to the bottom of the matter. It also points to the fact that these kidnappers are not just ordinary people,” she added.

Zindi suspects that some politicians pushed by hatred and jealousy might be taking advantage of the situation to pull her down, eliminate her politically and field candidates of their choices.

“To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed, so I am ready and alert anytime. As they are planning me, I am also planning that they will not succeed in putting me in their body bag this time around,” Zindi added.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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