Prophet condemns fake miracles

Founder of Bright Light Prophetic Ministries, Brighton Chikomo has taken a swipe at some prophets and pastors who claim to have the spiritual gift of miracles and healing which have proved to be dubious.

Tafadzwa Ufumeli

Chikomo was not keen to disclose the prophets’ names but said the proliferation of churches has seen some people who claim to be the true servants of God misleading desperate congregants with phony miracles and healing powers.


“Some miracle powers which other prophets claim to have are not necessary and are unhelpful. I challenge such prophets to come forward and prove they are really sent from above,” said Chikomo.

The youthful prophet who founded his church on December 31 2014 in Mt Darwin, believes that the problems that the country is facing can be overcome through prayer, hence his decision to organise a national prayer that was held yesterday in Mt Darwin.

“The main purpose of the national prayer is to pray for Zimbabwe so that it will be restored back to where it was before. I foresee Zimbabwe retaining its status as Africa’s bread basket,” said Chikomo, who claims his prophecies were meant to deliver nations.

“The great commission is our main issue at Bright Light Prophetic Ministries. Remember, we are a prophetic ministry, which means we are more than a church but a ministry. We are reaching the world and we will remain a mega ministry operating from one point to another and Mt Darwin will forever remain our pulpit.”

Chikomo founded Bright Light Prophetic Ministries having ministered as an evangelist at Apostle Saidi’s Latter house Ministries International. He is married to Maggie Mapuranga whom he wedded when they were both members of Zaoga. The couple is blessed with two children

The prophet said he got the calling to serve God when he was a teenager and has never looked back.

“God chose me to serve Him when I was 14 years old and all this submission under Him was mentoring my calling,” he said.
Chikomo has been holding open- air crusades and all-night prayers during the past few weeks where a myriad of people received the love of God through deliverance and healing.

Recently, the young prophet casted out evil spirits from a Dzivarasekwa woman in act of deliverance that left the community astounded.

“As a prophet, I did not believe only in God’s work, but in my own hands’ work as well,” he said.

In reference to Psalms 82:3 which says, “Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy,” Chikomo said he was also giving away clothes and blankets to the poor.

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