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Dr Stop It: Tough choices, tough decisions

My children,
Greetings from China.

Letter to my People

Many of you will have noticed that I have not been in the media over the past few days. Truth of the matter is that a little emergency had forced me to be away from home.

While I am here, I guess there is no harm in having a few medical consultations. So, no talk of me having travelled all the way to seek medical attention.

I am sure you now have your reason why there was no politburo meeting. How can they meet without me? Who would protect my boys and girls battling against all those old men and women? So they had to postpone.

Things are not well in G40.

What, with some bigoted people already labelling them as Gay 40 in order to incite anger and hatred against these young brilliant people.

Other malicious people, especially those in the Diaspora, have come up with all sorts of weird names such as Giresi 40 — whatever that means.

I see the hand of Lizard Lacoste in all this. How do you explain that he has turned the tables on this all powerful juggernaut, which within a split second, managed to derail that Teurairopa, who for years successfully lied to the whole world that she had downed a plane during the war.

How do you explain the fact that the G40 and its main players are suddenly under attack from all corners of the party?
That Mutsvangwa boy and his war veterans who were told off by Mdhara and me last year have regrouped and are now bold enough to attack the G40.

Goodness me, he even said G40 should form its own political party, as if he doesn’t know that we agreed in Masvingo that there is no such thing called G40.

This was after one woman had had the effrontery to say “down with G40”, meaning she was essentially condemning the majority of leaders gathered for the rally in Gutu.

But “underwear Chris” is also a very dangerous man and can be a brutal and ruthless enforcer. Remember he was the first to demystify Joice by saying she had not shot down any plane.

I refuse to believe that scurrilous story doing the rounds that one of his favourite hobbies was to collect female guerillas’ under- garments during the war.

I wonder what the English call a person who collects female undergarments without their knowledge. Maybe “pantiologist”.
Then on the other hand, Ngwena is busy being arrogantly efficient in conducting government business. He is also stealing the show in Parliament. But given a chance, our Mboko would equally rise to the occasion, especially if he would do away with those cowboy hats and double-breasted jackets.

Even more surprising for me is that even The Herald — which was perceived to be under G40 control — has had to take a position on the Twitter wars and factional fights involving their former boss.

That for me also means I should always try and maintain a neutral position. Cde George said it very clearly when speaking as Mdhara’s spokesman, that there was no way I could discuss his succession.

Cde George was also clear in saying people with no iota of history were dreaming that they could one day take control of this wonderful country.

They were confusing their baldness with age and maturity, George added.

Given the above developments, I think it may just be safe to be behind my Mdhara and take a back seat for now.

The developments in the party are dizzying and may result in my change of strategy. Only one person remains vocal in the G40 group, while others have strategically decided to remain quiet and stay out of the public spats.

I hear others are already chickening out because they fear madhara.

So who am I to try and remain standing when the faction is collapsing?

But in all that gloom, I am very happy that the Supreme Leader is a Rapporteur in the African Union and that means he is part of the leadership. This vindicates Zimbabweans who have since 1980 declared that they want to be led by the Supreme Leader.

So on that happy note, we should all unite behind our soon-to-be 92-year-old hero who will be our candidate in the 2018 elections!
This is the only way we can keep our party united. Can you imagine the chaos if he retires. Which is why for the sake of peace and progress, he will rule until God says “Come”.

Munhuwese kuna Amai!
Umasalu wezwelonke!
Giresi 40 Woye!
Your Mother
Dr Amai

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