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My people, I’m not done, watch this space

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Ah yas!
You may wonder why I am laughing, but truth of the matter is that I have realised that I am so powerful.


Very powerful that if you want to analyse issues, things have never been the same since I started to flex my beautiful muscles.

All this makes me laugh because as I continued on my trail of destruction, I realised that I was dealing with spineless people who would continue applauding me even as I continued kicking them in the teeth.

Joice was the first and when I was done with her, I had single-handedly split Zanu PF and deliberately caused the formation of People Last.

Next it was Dhakisi Ngwena and you can tell that the floor is littered with bodies of his followers.
The destruction continues, but no matter how hard I try, some of you continue to loathe me.

Can’t you see that from 1980, I am doing something that Joshua Nkomo, Edgar Tekere and Moregirls Tsvangison all failed to do and that is to shake Zanu PF to its foundation and destroy it from within.

If only Moregirls Tsvangison would concentrate on mobilising people, he would be able to give Zanu PF a good run for its money.

I hear he was recently seen in public in Gweru enjoying the company of even more girls.

But I digress.

So does it not follow that rather than hating me, you people should be grateful for what I am doing in terms of destroying Zanu PF, which quite a number of you don’t seem to like.

And I did not stop there, I even took a dig at the military which not even one of you would have the guts to do.

I have already mentioned that war veterans should not tell us anything because we all contributed to the fight for independence.

Didn’t we?

I actually did not end there and the women’s league is now full of only my friends.

The youth league has just been annihilated after the Gay 40 faction caused their dismissals.

But did you read the scandalous statement issued by those rogue youths under the banner of the Save Zanu PF Campaign?

I suspect Dhakisi put them up to it.

That statement which criticised me will lead to the demise of many.

“Don’t force us to confront you as a politician that you have become and as secretary for women’s affairs for it is that position that is giving you the right to address party gatherings and not because you are the president’s wife.”

Can you imagine the level of insolence coming from these young hoodlums? But I don’t care.
Ndiri panyanga already as I once said at that famous rally in Chiweshe where Mboko made it clear that a Karanga would not rule this country.

He makes such interesting statements, like the other famous one where he said those who think a woman or a Ndebele would not rule this country are corrupt tribalists.

But I am not done with Zanu PF yet.

Next, I think you will see several rounds of vote of no confidence around the country in the war veterans’ structures. Watch this space.

But I must point out that in my little project, a few people managed to see through me and tried to resist my efforts.

These include Chris and his wife, but I defeated them.

Jabulani Sibanda is the one who saw the bedroom coup years ago, but I caused his dismissal.

The war veterans were there to hound Joice out, but now they are being difficult, but anyway, they have been teargassed and hit with water cannons.

Most are just pussies and not the lions they pretend to be.

India trip

I am sure many of you are speculating about the trip to India.

Was it a ploy for Mdhara to get medical attention in Singapore quietly?

The naughty ones are saying the trip was a pretext for externalising money.

Whatever it was, I can’t say now. What I can tell you is that those who arranged the India trip could be the same people who provided the wrong speech in the National Assembly.

They are the same people who folded their arms as the Supreme Leader tripped and tumbled on the red carpet at the airport.

The examples are too many and that is why if you noticed, Mdhara’s speech at the birthday party splurge in Masvingo was taken from his briefcase. Just in case.

Speaking of Masvingo, I hear those behind the holding of the birthday party at the Masvingo Monuments may have chosen the venue to drive home sarcastic points.

That other than the Masvingo Monuments, Zimbabwe had other monuments as well.
What Cheeek!
Munhuwese kuna Amai!
Umasalu wezwelonke!
Gushungo 40 Woye!
Pasi, pasi nemhandu!
Your Mother
Fake (PhD)

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