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Zuma not resigning despite court embarrassment

JOHANNESBURG — As South Africa recovers from a busy political week, some analysts say it was too high an expectation to expect President Jacob Zuma to step down.

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Yesterday, Zuma addressed the country, saying he accepted the Constitutional Court’s order for him to repay a portion of the money spent on upgrades to his private residence.

He apologised to the nation, adding it was not his intention to violate the Constitution.

Meanwhile, political analyst Professor Sipho Seepe says Zuma resigning was a high expectation.

“People have become prisoners of their own wishes and of the narrative that they’ve created. So it doesn’t matter what he says, it will not be enough.”

Another analyst Professor Lesiba Teffo said Zuma’s address was dishonest.

“It was premature to expect him to resign, but behind the scenes I think people are working on that. I wouldn’t be suprised if in a week or so an announcement that may lend itself to dignity and some form of respect can be arranged for him.”

But the FW de Klerk Foundation says while it noted Zuma’s apology, it doesn’t believe it’s sufficient.

The foundation’s Dave Steward said: “We appreciate the fact that he acknowledges the role of the court and of the public protector. However, we don’t think it’s sufficient for the president to repay only R11 million, or whatever it may turn out to be.”

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