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Magaya warns of crime wave

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Walter Magaya has told his followers to tighten their security, saying Zimbabwe would soon be hit by a crime wave.



According to PHD Ministries’s Facebook page, Magaya also warned Zimbabweans to guard against falling victim to conman who trick them into hunting for pangolins and extracting red mercury from landmines.

“He also urged people to tighten security at their homes as there would be a huge outbreak of crime,” the church said referring to one of the evangelist’s recent services in Harare.

“He advised people to move in groups during late hours and also to avoid boarding taxis [kombis] which look suspicious because they will be robbed.”

He told his followers to desist from engaging in shaddy deals to escape poverty.

“In his own words, he said ‘All my children in Zimbabwe because of the economic status people will come to you and bring fake deals,’” PHD Ministries said.

“For example, so many people have been arrested this year over the issue of pangolins.

“People come with pangolins from mountains thinking there is a market in Harare.

“There are some deals of pangolin and red mercury. I do not know which one you want to engage in. Do not be found wanting. It is a lie that pangolins swallow gold,” he added.

“There are no buyers in Harare. People are risking their lives acquiring red mercury from land mines, there is nothing like that.

“Do not be involved in such, you will be in trouble over nothing.”

“He repeatedly emphasised on the need to desist from such deals.”

Magaya has a huge following in Zimbabwe and in the region.

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