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Keep your Zim and we will keep our Singapore

So you all ululated and applauded when those bullies, the war veterans offended the iconic and revolutionary African by daring to declare who should succeed him when he finally decides to take a rest.


Don’t you know, as I have said before, that even if he dies, he would continue to rule you from the grave?

Munopenga! (You are crazy)

Lol! I just enjoy saying what I want to you because I know there is nothing that you can do about it. I am told among you common people, outside the royal and ruling circles where I am to be found, you have these popular sayings which I find  absolutely meaningless but for your benefit, I will use it.

Ungandidini? Ende hapana! [What can you do to me? Nothing!]

Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The things that entertain you common people never cease to amaze me.

Anyway, back to those bullies who had the audacity to give instructions to the sun by hand-holding and pushing the interests of their candidate who as we all know, is Ngwena.

What rank madness! How can you tell the owner of the liberation struggle how to conduct himself?

The stockholders — as the war veterans call themselves — of course played a pivotal role in elevating the Supreme Leader under the Mgagao Declaration to the party leadership.

There have been many debates on whether they still have the authority  to revoke the declaration or if they should be able to make pronouncements on party leadership.

Of course, the Supreme Leader has been saying that politics leads the gun.

The gun does not lead politics, the Supreme Leader has always said. We cannot equate our situation to what happened in Mgagao because the environment was very different and circumstances have changed now.

The bullies threatened bloodshed if Ngwena is not appointed president of the people’s party, bato revanhu, iparty yezwelonke! Hokoyo! Of course they later denied it while Crockodhakisi just keeps quiet as if he is not aware of the developments.

But the Grandmaster, the Supreme Leader, as always, responded very strongly, warning people not to behave like dissidents. He reminded them of what happened to those believed to have rebelled against him in the early 1980s. That period which he has described as a moment of madness. I know some cynical people have asked who had gone mad, but that is a question for another day.

That period was known as Gukurahundi but the events of last week will hopefully not raise questions on just who was responsible for Gukurahundi.
Since the time I took a long and expensive holiday to Singapore, I have been reading a lot of unpatriotic mail from people suggesting that I should continue staying in Singapore.

I mean I was taken to task about the whole business of the whole Ruining Royal Family depending on things from Singapore as if we are Singaporean?
Actually, there are people with Singaporean citizenship in the family.

In the end, I was so irritated that I decided to send the following message to such people.

“Keep your Zimbabwe and I will keep my Singapore!”

Of course, you people who spend all your time gossiping couldn’t stop your malicious stories about a well-known religious family whose hospital I officially opened last week.

Just because the sons in law come from that grouping, you started making all sorts of allegations.

Allegations like the religious outfit took over  land for a certain university by ginya in Mashonaland because of family connections — rank madness.

Of course, one government controlled newspaper is still smarting after trying to write not so flattering stories about that important religious family. Kkkkkk. Hokoyo!

I was shocked to read a story attributed to Ngwena last week making suggestions that we need over $5 billion to rehabilitate our railways.
I think he is just trying to remind people out there of the

$15 billion which went missing under the stewardship of the Supreme Leader.

I suspect the idea is to make people remember that the missing money is enough to pay off our debts and to fund one annual budget.

As a person who may benefit from the actions of war veterans, I am warning Dhakisi to be careful.

As Mudhara said about the grief that befell people after the “dissident” activities, there was lots of trouble, fighting and suffering.
Be warned.
Munhuwese kunaAmai!
Umasalu wezwelonke!
Her Excellency!
Dr Amai PhD (Fake)
l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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