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I have destroyed the party

My people,
For all of you who have never liked The Party, and I know there are millions out there, I think you need to show some appreciation. I have tried with the help of a few willing Rhodesians left overs to weaken it from within, but all I get is negative publicity and snide comments.


In fact, you need to stand up and salute, while singing the national anthem, in appreciation of my efforts to liberate you from political bondage from that party.

I have said it before, if I had not burst on the political scene in 2014, Joice and the Dear Supreme Leader would have maintained the oppressive system. That Joice wants to pull the wool over people’s eyes by pretending she was always a democrat when we all know that she was in it from 1980, Gukurahundi and all.

Of course, you are all aware that if Dhakisi Ngwena takes over from the Old Man, it would be a continuation of repression. Have you not heard his name mentioned in hushed tones, an indication that people fear him.

Out of sympathy for your miserable souls, I was forced to look for an alternative leader who would not seek self-enrichment, be neutral, people oriented, not repressive — ME.
Maybe this will provide an opportunity to groom Junior and Bona. Kana mukwasha chaiye anogona kukutongai. (Even my son-in-law can rule you).

But let me turn back to my commendable work of destroying The Party in order for me to take over.

It’s a pity Moregirls and Dotito Joice are just clueless to take advantage of the chaos that I have been causing since 2014.

Having stopped chasing skirts a while ago, Moregirls is reportedly facing a low intensity rebellion in his party, following the decision to appoint his two homeboys to the positions of vice-presidents.

That has been interpreted by many to say that no woman or person from Matabeleland will be allowed to lead that party.

Sort of reminds one of when Mboko made a statement to the effect that just because a Zezuru was the current president, it did not follow that a Karanga would be next to lead the country.
The statement was, according to many, directed at Dhakisi Ngwena. For now, we will not make reference to some scandalous statements which have been made by some sellouts, alleging Malawian and Mozambican origins to the Dear Brother Supreme Leader.

On the other hand, Dotito Joice is reportedly trying to make her ZimPF outfit a Mashonaland East and Central party.

With her as president, Kaukonde, that chap with white teeth, is tipped to be the deputy president.

Kwaa! No place for Jabulani who threatened to march to State House in support of Dotito Joice.

My boys and girls in that party tell me that the leadership still behaves like some of their old peers in Zanu with little or no regard for politicians from south of the Shangani River. The most senior position they want to give that region is a position in mobilisation.

But they are not like me; I will accommodate all my friends and relatives from the different provinces.

History will need to record and acknowledge me as the person who finally broke the camel’s back when I arrived in politics.

It started with all the votes of no confidences that were made on provincial party chairpersons before we finally kicked out Dotito Joice.

The party has never recovered from that, but I did not end there. My surrogates and I, going under the name of Gushungo 40, then targeted Dhakisi Ngwena and his followers, a move which left The Party further split.

As recent as last week, there was a politburo meeting which cemented my legacy.

After making that nasty communiqué describing the Supreme Leader as genocidal, the top leadership of the war veterans was kicked out of The Party for disrespecting Mudhara.

I have very little respect for some of those people. Do you remember how I used Victor Matemadanda and company to hound out Jabulani from their association and The Party, now they realise the pain of being used.

So the main wing, women’s league, youth league and war veterans have all been successfully purged.

How I wish that Tsenengamu boy had not revealed to the world that we would rehearse with the youths together with the Supreme Leader and iconic African revolutionary at State House how we would purge Dotito Joice and her cabal.

With Heroes holidays upon us, I hope the mischief that Dhakisi and his friends were planning to embarrass me will not happen.

The holidays will give Mboko an opportunity to take a break from donating chicks to those bemused women in Bulawayo.

I am told he is taking the chicken road show to bemuse more women in Bindura. I hope those chicks actually grow.
Munhuwese kuna Amai!
Umasalu wezwelonke!
Gushungo 40 woyee!
Dr Amai Marujata PhD (Fake)
Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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