Why Chiwenga threatened Chimene

Some securocrats allegedly agreed to flex their muscle in the Zanu PF succession wars after Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister savaged Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, accusing him of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe, it has emerged.


Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Constantino Chiwenga last week issued a thinly-veiled attack against Chimene and other senior Zanu PF officials believed to be anti-Mnangagwa that apparently included Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo.

Senior military officials privy to the developments said although Chiwenga was not speaking on behalf of all security commanders as some were not sympathetic to the commander’s own political ambitions, his statements were not a personal opinion.

Mugabe has in the past complained that some military, police and intelligence officials were meddling in Zanu PF affairs.

According to some senior army officials, the minister’s statements touched a raw nerve in the military.

“After analysing Chimene’s statement word-for-word, it was felt that as war veterans in the military, their commander in chief President Mugabe was being given instructions by a mere minister,” said a top military official.

“The military commanders felt we must flex our muscles and tell these G40 that we are watching and we will not tolerate nonsense.”

The official added: “When I say the commanders, I am talking about Cde CDF Chiwenga, the army commander, Valerio Sibanda and Airforce commander Perrance Shiri, among others within their ranks who are war veterans and understand the implications of what Chimene and his team did to the president and his legacy.”

The move by the military is likely to cause more tension in Zanu PF as some senior party officials, including Mugabe and First Lady Grace, have warned the army to maintain their distance from internal party issues.

Zimbabwe National Army spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Alpheus Makotore refused to comment on the alleged meeting.

“Those are security issues you are asking,” he said.

However, when asked if Chiwenga’s recent remarks reflected the army’s position, Makotore quipped: “He is the commander of the defence forces, he is the boss and in the army, we follow orders.

“So I can’t and will not attempt to add or subtract anything from what he had said. When your boss speaks in the military language, it’s a command. Don’t try to divide us, we are one,” he added.

But insiders said Chiwenga and other commanders felt Chimene had indirectly attacked Mugabe in her rant against Mnangagwa.

“We analysed the real meaning of what Chimene had said. It was felt that she had declared President Mugabe incapacitated. How? I know you are asking;” said another official.
“She did this when she said ‘if you are unable to fire him [Mnangagwa] call for an extra ordinary congress we will do it for you’.

“That is in short saying president, you no longer have the spine to fire ED [Mnangagwa].

“You are incapacitated and you need our help to fire someone you appointed. Its treasonous and an attack on the persona of the commander in chief.”

Added the official: “In short, what Chineme and others are saying is ‘President Mugabe, we are better than you’.

“We are able to see better than you and our intelligence is stronger than yours.

“The person you are calling your vice is a devil, and surely as soldiers with a responsibility to uphold the Constitution, we will not and I mean not, allow anyone trying to poke the nose at our commander in chief.

“We believe he is still capacitated to deal with all issues and even know who in his government is working against his vision.”

The senior military official also said they felt the G40 faction was abusing Mugabe through his wife.

“This cabal is using suicidal means to hoodwink the president by alleging that it is building the party when in actual fact they are destroying it. They think these drunken youths can withstand the political terrain that we traversed through,” the official said.

“I am not saying the youths are not important, but the method that they are using to lure them to support Zanu PF is very mediocre.

“It does not add up to political logic. These youths are an unappeasable lot that loves money [more] than the party,” said the senior military official.

Some said the army would also thwart plans to call for an early Zanu PF congress that would oust Mnangagwa.

“We know war deserters and charlatans, people who think they can tweet their way to the State House, are plotting to weaken Zanu PF from within,” another source said.

“ I can bet my last dollar, we will not sit on our laurels and watch the party we defended being misled like this.

“What CDF [Chiwenga] did last week is just a beginning of what these war pretenders should expect. We will stop that extra ordinary congress.

“These war deserters must stop practising quackery with the war. If it means laying our lives for Zimbabwe again, we are ready.”

“We can’t allow quislings from within Zanu PF to lead this country.”

The army was behind the election of the Christopher Mutsvangwa-led war veterans executive that has demanded that Mugabe must pass on the baton to Mnangagwa.

13 Responses to Why Chiwenga threatened Chimene

  1. kennus August 14, 2016 at 11:29 am #

    nonsense.this will never be a sani abacha state.we will never allow the military to govern.they must stay in barracks.if chiwenga want to form his political party,he must resign first from the post of army general.stop threatening people.again you are too old and uneducated to rule .pamberi ne G40.vaiva amai.we are behind you.

    • grace jones August 14, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

      kkkkk who are you to say that? Une pfuti here? You are drunk with ambition. careful you do not swallow what will choke you.

  2. TruthSaid August 14, 2016 at 12:29 pm #

    Kennus: No, we are NOT behind amai; (unless you mean it in another, more sexual sense)

  3. Wimbo August 14, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

    Yes please Mawuto eZimbabwe mava kutaura manje this nonsense which is happening in Zanu PF thru Women and Youth League should be stopped. Like at the likes of Oppah; Monica Mutsvagwa and other really heroines they have pulled out and decided to be quiet. Pane kupedza nguva vachirwisana nana Marujata vakasvika nezuro and want to control everything in Zanu Pf. The really First Lady Sally Mugabe where ever she is she is troubled achiona murume wake achishandiswa naNyachide

  4. Pastor August 14, 2016 at 1:30 pm #

    This G40 is day dreaming honestly l cant imagine First Gucci being the President of Zim angaite Mashura munyika Pamire akadzoka kubva kuvakafa shuwa. Wasting time ED hana kwanoenda he is the next President of Zim. Anen

  5. Teurai Ropa August 14, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

    Dont listen to those barking dogs and they are not ashame honestly last year was the same hee Mnangagwa this; hee Mnangagwa that kure kushaya basa Zimbabweans need bread on their tables they dont need the desperate Grace to detect who is the Life President unozviziva sei kuti Sekuru will be life president? STOP abusing VaMugabe iwe mukadzi nekuda mari kwako. Dakukatora ka Gushungo Diary koenda kuState. Teachers; Nurses; Arm and Police ikushaya mari nekuda kwemaGreedy individuals STOP IT Tajamuka manje zvemachikwdi lol

  6. Rex August 14, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

    Pamberi naED Mnangagwa pasi nezvimbwindo zvaiita clean at the Camps. Pamberi neVarwi Verusununguko chaivo chaivo. Pasi nemaFikesolo vari kupudza Musangano; pasi navo. Pamberi baVaMugabe; pasi naMarujata; pasi neG40.; pasi nevakadzi ne youth inopudza musangano wavakawana uripo usina kupudzika. Pamberi nekuvaka Musangano

  7. naome August 14, 2016 at 2:55 pm #

    It looks Mnangagwa is very popular. Ko handiti ndiyo majority rule yakaunzwa nevarwi verusununguko. Ngativotei

  8. mboko August 14, 2016 at 3:21 pm #

    mnangagwa haana support uyo ZANU hatichatoidi zvachose.whether Grace or gwena we don’t care..as for the army some are being used to push for other pples agendas, chiwenga ws promised a post if gwena wins saka vamwe vese avo hapana chenu,please be professional stay away from politics both army & police forces.who will protect the country from external threats by the time u start Pocking your nose in ZANU shit?at least the majority of the foot soldiers won’t even buy tht u’ll try to use a few battalions wch u hv surrounded urself with,but u’lll be crushed,like i said the majority are not urs chiwenga

    • grace jones August 14, 2016 at 5:58 pm #

      Your problem is an in inability to secure the vote. Getting votes is one thing. Securing it is another. Makore mangani Tsvangirai tichimupa mavote. Where is he. ? Come 2018 he will again cry ndabirwa. This time together with Joice Mujuru. Zimbabwean opposition is unable to secure the vote. They want to cry to others from outside to secure it for them . it will not happen. How many years after the 2013 Nikuv thing? What has the opposition done to change the electoral playing field? So what makes you think the field will change? we now even have too few Mps in the house . Thanks to Tsvangirai Ego many opposition MPs were booted out of the House and replaced by Zanupf. What hope do you see? Whetner you like it or not Zanupf will win 2018 elections. wake up

  9. Mbeki August 14, 2016 at 6:07 pm #

    Uri kuukureuko Mboko iwewe unoziva zvekushaya Support kwaMnangagwa wakamura sani tibvire apo manje kana asina Support muZanu why are you chasing everyone in support of ED you know muno rohwa naED. Murume ane Support uyo even nevarungu nevarungu; Business people, Warvers; arm name it tese todzigira VaMnangagwa ED. Ngwenya mukono musanyeperane Ndopanoti Zanu Pf.

  10. naome August 16, 2016 at 8:20 am #

    Thanks Mbeki for rebuking Mboko. Mnangagwa has support in Zanu and we would want want him to be our candidate in 2018 so that he can compete with MDC, Mavambo and People First. We are not saying ED is liked by MDC supporters no. You have a right to go for your choice in 2018. Here what we are saying is that G40 should not percecute those who prefers Mnangagwa but let the ZANU P.F vote for their choice of candidate. Let those chairpersons and leaders who were removed by the so called vote ofno confidence just because they support Mnangagwa be reinstated. Even Mugabe himself was chosen because people like him and I do not think there was anybody who was persecuted for that.

    The reason why I like Mnangagwa is that he is not wide mouthed. He chews his tongue first before he speaks. He is very intelligent and would not plunge the country into dangerous regional and international agreements. He knows how to submit to authority that is having walked with the current leadership and having not challenged its authority in public. Such a person would also know how to exert authority. How do you give directions and commands when you have never followed directives or obeyed commands. He is a tried and tested leader. He is a business person and our country’s economy will be in safe hands.

  11. Dumzie August 17, 2016 at 1:18 pm #

    Naome u forgot to add he is a tribalism and a criminal who wished to wipe out a generation of people and their crime was simply belonging to a certain ethnic group. Viva anything else pasi ne rwaivhi

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