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Video: President Kenyatta rebukes agencies for failure to tame corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday defended his record in fighting corruption, insisting he had allowed all relevant government agencies sufficient space to deter the crime.


In a speech to an audience attending a corruption summit at State House, President Kenyatta claimed his government has done more than all previous administrations since independence in fighting graft.

“As president, if there is one issue that has frustrated me, it is this issue. And I will say why. Because the pressure is on me.

“Show me any one administration since independence that has taken action on corruption like I have done. I have removed everybody. I have done my part, at great expense also, political, by asking these guys to step aside.

“Then where do we go from there? They say, ‘I am innocent’. I don’t know where they are innocent or what, move aside.

“I have taken the actions that I can take, within the Constitution. When we sit down, and I challenge all the agencies here, they say we don’t have the resources, we don’t have this and that. I challenge them here to stand up and say we have been denied the resources we need.


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