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I told you Zapu was killed in 2014

My People,
You see, I am never one to enjoy bragging by saying: “I told you so”.

letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

But what else can I say? I told you so!

I have always told you that under the guise of creating one centre of power in 2014 after that rather unexpected scare from Joice, Mudhara finally had a brilliant opportunity to bury his long-time nemesis, Zapu, Zipra and maybe Josh finally.

Images and memories of being Big Josh’s secretary for publicity and carrying his briefcase may have always haunted him.

Even in death, people continue to call Big Josh Father Zimbabwe while no similarly endearing title or term has been found or coined for Mudhara.

With Mboko and Chimusoro Jonso raising issues about Gukurahundi, some unpatriotic Zimbabweans  have started making unproductive suggestions that the Fifth Brigade was deployed not to deal with the “dissident” issue, but  to wipe out Zapu, Zipra, its leadership and supporters in Matabeleland and parts of the Midlands.

Some even more unpatriotic characters with no revolutionary backgrounds are suggesting that there were never any “dissidents” or armed bandits in this country in the early 1980s.

What are people drinking or smoking privately in their homes? Whatever it is cannot be legal.

I nearly fainted when I read on another platform that some people genuinely believe that the so-called “dissidents” were a creation of the government!

What nonsense! Some even had the audacity to claim that they were only a handful of ruffians armed with a few knobkerries and catapults while the more intoxicated ones said there were no such things as “dissidents”.

Cyril Ndebele and Cephas Msipa

Two Zapu stalwarts, Cyril Ndebele and Cephas Msipa, passed on within a short time of each other. The two gentlemen were both from the Midlands province.

As has become the tradition with all former Zapu freedom fighters, they would have to be very lucky to find their way to the Heroes Acre.

Poor Mboko, when he was Acting President he ran all over the show to ensure there was honour for a Zanu deployee.
But when former senior Zapu official, Cyril Ndebele passed away, nobody dared mention national hero status for him.
A State-assisted funeral was going to suffice.

Then came the death of Cephas Msipa. I think even he had prepared for a snub and had, as a result, prepared for that by preparing for his burial in the Midlands.

What many of you simple-minded people did not know is that Cde Msipa was an uncle to Africa’s only freedom fighter and revolutionary icon who single-handedly freed Zimbabwe from colonial bondage while the rest of the country timidly watched in awe.

So as an uncle of the Great Comrade Brother Dear Supreme Leader, there was no way we would allow a family relative to be given an ordinary burial. What would members of the family think?

Even if he had belonged to Zapu, there is no way he was going to be punished for that like other ordinary Zapu members.

he even chaired that rather rebellious meeting in Gweru which took the treasonous decision that SK Moyo should be the Zapu deployee to deputise Mudhara  as one of the vice-presidents.

It was as if they did not know that we wanted to appoint our own Mboko in order to create one centre of power in our bedroom as Jabulani once famously observed.

There is no way sekuru was going to receive an ordinary burial despite telling his nephew Bob on more than one occasion that he should retire and allow those younger than him to take charge of the country’s affairs.

Of course, when the relationship was leaked to the not-so-informed, all sorts of crazy theories were made. Hehehe nepotism, tribalism, chikamarism and all that nonsense. Munopenga! Liyahlanya!

Stop the tensions!

Some people have been asking crazy but pertinent questions.

I don’t know what to make of the questions, but I get the feeling that they create a lot of unnecessary tensions.

Why does one get the impression that a certain media grouping deliberately denigrates and has no respect for Mboko but has all the respect for Dhakisi Ngwena.

Why is it that a certain political party or government is less inclined to make noise about certain housing stands which were reportedly knocked out by Tyson as opposed to galvanising different arms to deal with Chimusoro Jonso?
Are these the tribalists that he is talking about?

Kkkkkkkkk. How many cases of corruption have been committed in this country? Even I helped myself to money from a housing scheme for civil servants to build that ugly no class house in “Bolodale”. What has Jonso done to be isolated?

Interim vice-chairman

The whole country was last week thrown into a celebratory mood when Mudhara was made interim vice-chairman of the Comesa meeting in Madagascar.

I propose we throw a musical gala or stage a two-million-man-and-woman march in his honour.

The gala can be held at the airport where the son-in-law can provide us free space for the show. After that we could all march to the family’s private power station in Murehwa.

But I would go by helicopter while you would have to hoof it there.

Munhuwese kuna Amai!

Umasalu wezwelonke!

Dr Amai Marujata PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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