Mnangagwa allies, G40 in ugly Masvingo clash

ZANU PF in fighting in Masvingo Province reached new levels yesterday after a faction linked to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangwaga brought back suspended chairperson Ezra Chadzamira amid protests by members of G40.

By Tatenda Chitagu

The party’s acting chairperson Amasa Nhenjana immediately rejected the move, saying he remained at the helm despite the decision made during a provincial co-coordinating committee (PCC) meeting held at the Masvingo show grounds.

Nhenjana was ordered to revert back to his position of deputy chairperson in a move that has widened cracks in the party, with rival Lacoste and G40 factions already at each other’s throats just a week after bagging the Bikita West seat in a by-election.

Zanu PF in Masvingo is also divided over the selection of candidates for the forthcoming Mwenezi East by-election.

According to reports, long-serving party member, Jusby Ommar, has been disqualified from contesting in the primary polls together with five other candidates, out of a total of 16 hopefuls.

Speaking at a press conference while flanked by the party’s provincial commissar, Jeppy Jaboon, women league chair Veronica Makonese and several legislators linked to G40, Nhenjana said he remained the acting chairperson.

“The move to demote me was done unprocedurally and we categorically reject it,” he said.

“I was appointed by the politiburo and the same procedure should be used in demoting me. For now, I am still the acting chairperson.

“I am surprised they want to demote me now after winning in Bikita West.

“These are the same elements that wanted to sabotage the party in Bikita West, and after failing, they want again to see the party losing in Mwenezi East, where our sights are at the moment.
“This is here for all to see.”

However, Chadzamira said the decision was made by the party’s provincial executive committee (PEC) where Nhenjana was also a member.

“The PEC restored me today……it was not an individual decision,” he said.

“He was also part of that meeting and am suprised he is making an about turn.

“I was exonerated by the national disciplinary committee last year. I do not attend PEC.”

On the Mwenezi East by-election, Chadzamira said the provincial elections directorate vetted candidates but dismissed reports that Ommar was disqualified.

“The PEC turns into the provincial elections directorate and that is the body that considers CVs,” he said.

“But as for Ommar, he was not disqualified. Of course there are others that did not meet the party criteria, but not Ommar. His candidature will be considered.”

Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, yesterday said he was out of the country and needed to get the details first before commenting.

“I cannot comment at the moment, I can only do so when I get the full report,” Kasukuwere said.

He confirmed that Chadzamira was barred from holding any post for two years even after he was cleared by the party over the charges he was facing.

2 Responses to Mnangagwa allies, G40 in ugly Masvingo clash

  1. Temba Mliswa January 29, 2017 at 9:10 am #

    Interesting names: Jeppy Jaboon, Jusby Ommar, Smith Marara,………………………

  2. Wezhira wezhara January 30, 2017 at 12:35 pm #

    I listened to ZTV news and heard Nenjana declaring that Chadzamira had been restored and he was reverting to being Deputy Chairman. Was he forced to make such a statement anyway. These silly G40 people?

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