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Zanu PF youths arrested over Chitungwiza violence

THE three Zanu PF youths who allegedly embarked on a reign of terror in Chitungwiza during a clean-up campaign by Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) members, were last week arrested on charges of public violence.


The trio — Blessing Chinyengetere, Togaraseyi Roronzi and Anyway Chandaengerwa — were remanded out of custody to Thursday this week.

They allegedly attacked TZ members during a clean-up exercise at Makoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza.

TZ yesterday held another clean-up campaign in Highfields where Zanu PF youths were also threatening to disrupt the exercise.

The opposition party has been doing clean-up campaigns in other parts of Harare and will soon move to other cities and towns despite threats of violence by suspected Zanu PF militias.

TZ leader Jacob Ngarivhume said the campaign was aimed at promoting citizen’s participation.

“We are having another clean-up campaign in Highfield where we are urging communities to clean up their environments,” he said.

“We are scaling it up to all the areas to make sure that they have basics to fight diseases caused by uncollected garbage which ends up in people’s homes.

“We have had a lot of challenges, particularly the threats we are receiving from Zanu PF.

“There are a lot of people feeling threatened by the work we are doing and you know, there are some opposition supporters who are not very comfortable as well with the work we are going.”

Ngarivhume added: “Mostly Zanu PF has been feeling threatened, especially this team with cars moving around threatening violence around to force people to disperse, but we are not easily threatened by that and people are doing their work.

“People have stayed on and this is who we are, we keep fighting until it is done. That is the sprit that we have.”

He said the party would next Saturday launch a voter registration campaign aimed at encouraging people to register to vote.

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