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Of Mboko and Mbiti shenanighans

My People
I am very excited that Dhakisi Dinyane Ngwena will no longer be president of this country. At least that is the impression created after he and his power-grabbing mob failed spectacularly in their efforts to effect their laughable votes of no confidence on Comrade Tyson.

letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

Of course after I sacked Eunice Sandi and Sarah Mahoka, they assumed that they would join in my short mob justice by aligning with me, but they did not realise that my fights with Sandi and Sarah were petty, personal and private tiffs over money.

Enter Six-button Cowboy Mboko and this time he was not hawking chicks nor was he denying the existence of Gukurahundi. In fact, senior party official, Cde Ignatius was reported to have said the murder and rape of more than 20 000 people from Midlands and Matebeleland was a non-issue.

Maybe within the Party Gukurahundi is a non-issue and that is why the perpetrators were rewarded with plump jobs for the atrocities.

With a dead opposition in the country, Whitehead Gina can afford to speak through the roof of his mouth.

Maybe he was sent by The Bobster to say something disparaging about the emotive issue.

Back to Mboko, he did something that Dhakisi Lacoste was not expecting.

He accused war veterans and the military of standing by while The Great Bobster was being insulted and parodied by just about everybody.

Mboko made the allegations at a meeting of former Zapu and Zipra members.

I have refused to be involved in debates asking what he was doing at such a meeting after some people made allegations that by the end of the war he had crossed the divide and joined Zanu and Zanla.

Before long, the military top brass were rattling their swords and baring their fangs saying their boss would not be insulted under their watch.

A few war veterans were made to speak tongue in cheek about their “loyalty” to The Bobster.

One of the few remaining amadoda sibili linked to The Party, Douglas Mahiya and Victor Matemadanda who were prepared to speak their minds throughout, only kept quiet after some alleged “gagging” by the war veterans leadership.

Those in the know say the decision by the Zanlas to defend the African Iconic Revolutionary was a way of neutralising Mboko’s statements which had endeared him to the Old Man.

I really do not have time for that Mbiti who leads a political party whose name I am not even bothered to keep in my mind.

After The Bobster told the World Economic Forum in Durban, South Africa that Zimbabwe was only second to South Africa in terms of development, Mbiti and his party had the audacity to issue a statement questioning the wise words.

Of course others have tried to ridicule the statements made by Bob saying he had just emerged from a dream in which Zimbabwe had developed to such extents.

The more cruel ones said at best, we could only be compared to Witbank, Mesina or Polokwane in terms of development. Thanks to the looting of national resources.

Here are some of the treasonous statements made by Mbiti and his political party:

“The claims by Mugabe at the World Economic Forum that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe, is a clear a sign that he lives in a reality distorted field. As a foreign-based president who once in a while visits the country he claims to lead, he probably mistakes Zimbabwe for Malaysia or Singapore where he spends much of his time.

The balance sheet reflects a country that had a typhoid outbreak which affected thousands, scores of lives lost and a cholera scare a few months ago.

These facts confirm something more than a crisis.

Taking a walk in the streets of Harare, especially downtown and 4th Street, reflects hallmarks of a war torn city – that of filthiness, disorder and utter chaos. As we said before, it reflects a post war Monrovia, Freetown or Kinshasa.

There is a banking crisis crippling the economy, thousands of Zimbabweans sleep in bank queues every day. Companies are no longer able to import necessities including basics.

Courtesy of Mugabe’s poor leadership, the country is now the pothole capital of southern Africa. Mugabe needs to realise his ignorance is itself a crisis.

By every measure, Zimbabwe is a fragile state, the economy is weak and vulnerable, there are large internal disparities in income, wealth and access to services. The fiscal balance is in a new definition of deficit and a high debt encumbers economic prospects.

The first step in the right direction for Mugabe is to accept his failure and that his time is up. He must leave office and allow the people of Zimbabwe to open a new chapter of economic stability and the subsequent aim of creating resilience.”

Treason of the highest order I must say.

No to Ntombizodwas

All of you must have cheered wildly when I told Cde Chinx’s second wife, Ntombizodwa that she had no place in the new house donated to the musician.
Just because I am also called Ntombizodwa does not mean I was going to side with her.

We cannot have small houses taking advantage of elderly gentlemen while the first wife is still alive or fighting for her life in a hospital bed.

This of course applies to ordinary women. Some of us are now very powerful after marrying elderly gentlemen in whose offices we met while they were married and sired children with them in what has been wrongly termed “adulterous office romance”.

Munhuwese kunaMoms!

Umasalu wezwelonke!

Dr Amai Stopit! PhD (Fake)


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