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Islaam: A universal religion of peace

Before we take off, let’s remember these essential Islamic definitions:

Allaah: In Arabic, Allaah is the name of the one true God, the Creator. Islaam teaches that Allaah is true God of mankind. Jewish and Christian Arabs also use this name (Allaah) to refer to God. Therefore it is a misconception and totally wrong to say that Allaah is an idol of Muslims or as our local people say Mwari weMachawa, but rather, Allaah is the Lord and Creator of the entire universe.


Muslim children praying
Muslim children praying

Muhammad: Is the last and final of all true prophets (who included Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, etc) sent to all mankind, jinnkind and the entire creation.

Islaam: Means peace, to surrender one’s self-desires and to submit to the will of Allaah.

The Qur’aan: Is the last and final of Allaah’s heavenly scriptures (which include The Old Testament-Tawrah revealed to Moses, The Psalms-Zaboor revealed to David, The New Testament-Injeel revealed to Jesus) revealed to Prophet Muhammad, for the guidance of the entire humanity.

In Islaam, the one true God (Allaah) Has created the entire creation. It is only this great God who made all the humans and animals, the earth and its huge mountains, oceans and rivers, plants and forests, the sun and the moon, galaxies and orbits, as well as days and nights. All other objects, which we may or may not know, or which have not been discovered, are all aspects of His infinite creation.

However, Islaam tells us that belief alone in God and His prophets is not enough to have peace of mind, happiness and salvation. We have to do the will of Allaah through worshipping Him alone and keeping His commandments.

The Holy Bible reports the words of Jesus’ brother, James, saying:

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead also.” (James 2:26).

Interestingly, James (4:7) also referred to the meaning of Islaam: “Submit yourselves therefore to God.” Therefore, Muslims are true followers of Jesus and the prophets. They follow and obey the commandments that Jesus and the prophets taught and did, like believing in one true God, praying, prostrating, kneeling down in worship, fasting, giving charity, and using the greeting of Jesus and the prophets — AsSalaamu ‘Alykum (Peace be upon you).

These are just some examples and pieces of evidence which clearly indicate the truth, unity and universality of this great and beautiful religion of all prophets — Islaam.

May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon us all. Aameen.

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