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MDC-T insists Tsvangirai will lead grand coalition

MDC-T organising secretary Abedinico Bhebhe yesterday hinted that his party would insist on former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai as leader of the mooted opposition coalition against President Robert Mugabe in next year’s elections.


Bhebhe told a rally organised by the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) in Bulawayo that Tsvangirai was “the first born” of the opposition movement in a subtle dig at other leaders that are eyeing the position to lead the coalition.

“I ask that when we come together so that we respect each other, we should know who we are as members of the coalition,” he said.

“If a man has five children, there is a first born and there is a last born.

“The last born and the first born will never be equal in responsibility.

“Let me tell you like this, if we have five children, the first born is Morgan [Tsvangirai-MDC-T], the second born is Joice [Mujuru- NPP], the third born is Welshman [Ncube-MDC], fourth born is [Joelson] Mugari [for TZ led by Jacob Ngarivhume] and fifth born is Tendai [Biti PDP].”

He referred to other opposition parties that deserted Tsvangirai as prodigal sons.

“And the moment we say the heir to the throne is the last born it will not work,” he said.

“I want you to know and recognise that there is a first born.

“The prodigal son in the Bible went away from his father and when he came back he did not ask to be the leader but he asked for forgiveness and it was his father who killed a calf for him.”

The rally which was dominated by MDC-T members was attended by MDC, TZ , NPP and the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, among others.

Tsvangirai’s deputy Thokozani Khupe also addressed the rally organised to encourage youths to register to vote.

One Response to MDC-T insists Tsvangirai will lead grand coalition

  1. janana wa Bikaz June 19, 2017 at 1:46 pm #

    Common sense dictates that Tsvangirai is the most popular figure of all those in the opposition coalition,and that’s a fact.Voting is about numbers and not about satisfying some personal fat egos.It does not need a rocket scientist for one to see that Tsvangirai is the tried and tested one and previous elections tells us that he has beaten Mugabe.Love him or hate he him,he is the only game in town.

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