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Who dares pronounce a curse on the first stepmother?

My People,
Curse of Manzou Farm

I want to start by reminding you of what one pastor said when he visted Manzou Farm which I had violently taken over.

letter to my people BY DOCTOR STOP IT

In the process, more than 100  mainly Zanu PF families were made homeless after their houses  were set on fire by my people.

The lives of children attending school were disrupted.

I made their lives  hell on earth.

The pastor made the following curse.

“We pray right now that as she has removed people from where they are, may she also be removed from where she is.”

I had also  allocated myself the nearby Mazowe Dam and barred villagers from fishing there, a move which negatively affected the livelihoods and food security of many people.

don’t care! Munopenga!

The pastor had not finished with his curse.

“The person who has caused trouble on others, may she also receive trouble, the person who has caused loss on others, may she also lose everything.

“May her bed slap her with guilt; may her food give her guilt; may even her house bash her with guilt, even the dogs because she is not fit for leadership. This is not the way to lead people.

“I pray that everything around her will turn against her, the trees, and the food she eats each and every day.  I pray that she may see war each and every day.”

Can you imagine some pastor cursing the First Shopper who has the power to make big men like Tyson and George (Joji) stand up at rallies and give them an ear bashing. 

But the curse has rattled after our chauffer drove off as I was trying to get into the car at the airport, leaving me with a bruised ankle.

I now have to constantly fly to South Africa to attend to some tsaona brewed by my drug and alcohol quaffing children.

They are all my wives

I admire Margret Dongo for her bravery. Or is it brevity? Anyway,  I don’t care. Let us just say she was brave.

At one time she sensationally accused all senior politicians of being Mugabe’s wives.

Of course, that was totally untrue and carried naughty innuendos on how such fine gentlemen could be wives to the president.

In true Dongo fashion, I can safely say all those people in the party are my wives, both  men and women.

My proximity to power has helped me manoeuvre quietly while those so-called chefs cower at the prospect of crossing my path.

A few examples will suffice.

I am the one who had enough power and authority to kick out Joice, a veteran of the liberation struggle and they all ululated.

Ngwena’s people believed my actions were based on my perceived support for their leader and helped kick out Joice and ululated.

Now my guns have been turned on Ngwena.

When it came to ejecting Jabulani Sibanda as war veterans leader, Chris Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda were only too happy to join and they were ululating until we doused them with water canons and tear smoke.

It is a joy to dream and implement your strategies with very little opposition.

I fired the first salvo against the military when I accused them of planning to kill my child and only I can say that in this country.

Mboko also helpfully suggested that it was not automatic that the next leader of this country would be a Karanga.

When Ngwena and company organised those rallies against Cde Tyson and tried to lay trumped up charges against Jonso  using the Zimdef misappropriation of funds issue, it did not work.

Bhobho (on my instructions) announced that povho  could not pass a vote of no confidence on people appointed by him. Such as Cde Tyson.

On the issue of Cde Jonso stealing Zimdef money, I have since ruled on the matter, that the allegations are false.

The commanders were also getting excited by granting interviews to Zimpapers and making dark statements against my boys, Jonso and Tyson.

They were quickly reminded to stay out of politics amid suggestions that they could be retired and reassigned.

Silence of the grave followed. Of course, Bhobho was not being truthful when he said politics leads the gun.

Why did they send armed men to fight the war of liberation instead of unarmed commissars to defeat Ian Smith and racist Rhodesians?

Was it not The Bobster who threatened Zimbabweans after he lost the 2008 elections with something to the effect that an “X” could not overpower a gun?

Enough of the examples of how I have manipulated the system to worm my way to the top. I hope people were listening when I told the women’s league meeting that Bhobho The Bobster has three assistants — Mboko, Lacoste and ME!

I have also told him to anoint a successor and guess who that is?

Pity, he is a public service employee. Only Ray Kaukonde was able to publicly defy and embarrass me when I held those useless Meet the People rallies.

I am aware that some people have sponsored a rumour to the effect that I was planted in Bhobho’s office by foreign powers so that I would catch his eye and then as his wife influence his thinking.

Nonsense of course. Makes sense though to others.

Munhuwese kunaSekeramayi!

Umdala wezwelonke!

Dr Amai Stopit! PhD (Fake)

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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