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Airtime trader cries foul

An airtime trader who was allegedly attacked with an axe by a commuter omnibus driver and an unidentified accomplice before they got away with $35 000 in cash and airtime vouchers left the Harare Magistrates’ court a distraught man recently after his suspected assailants were acquitted.

Harare regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa cleared Lawrence Saidi and Gilbert Ngwazi of the robbery charges on the basis that there was “not enough evidence to link the suspects to the offence”.

The decision did not go down well with Joseph Ngorima from Sunningdale, who accused the investigating officers of not handling the case properly and is now appealing.

After the attack on December 8 2016, Ngorima was left with a 6cm scar on the left side of his scalp which is yet to heal.

He first reported his case to one Detective Constable Ndumo at Braeside Police Station on January 28 2017 after being discharged from Harare Central Hospital under CR 55/12/16.

The matter was later taken up by Detective Assistant Inspector Samson Chidembo who deposed in court two statements with conflicting information in terms of the day of the attack as well as other important details related to the case.

Ngorima is challenging the evidence given by Chidembo in court.
— Own Correspondent

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