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Gospel meets sungura… as Magacha courts Macheso

With the fusion of gospel and various music genres such as sungura appearing to be a trending phenomenon that has charmed a number of artists in the country, gospel sensation Sabastian Magacha has roped in sungura maestro Alick Macheso in his forthcoming album Wonererwai Jesu to be launched on Friday in Harare.


It appears Magacha is slowly becoming a man of collaborations, just like many across genres who are also relishing partnerships. On his latest album he also engaged jazz sensation Prudence Katomene-Mbofana and award-winning producer Oskid.

Macheso added his voice on the song Maria naMarita while the jazz sensation features on the track Mama My Hero as Magacha brings a different sound to his music.

The 14- track album, which is Magacha’s sixth studio production, is set to end his three-year sabbatical.

In an interview with The Standard Style, the award-winning Magacha said with the new album he was targeting those he usually sings for, as well as other different markets. He is optimistic that the album, which is inspired by his personal life experiences, will be accepted by music followers across genres.

“My forthcoming album on which I worked with Alick Macheso, Prudence Katomene-Mbofana and different producers is ready and will be on the market on October 4.

I have already released singles to promote the album which have been well-received,” he said.
“My mandate as a Christian is to fish people to Christ. The idea is for me to preach the word of gospel to all the people in the world without being choosy.”

The 33-year-old pint-sized musician said he composed the song Mama My Hero for his mother and all the mothers in the world as a way of saluting and thanking them for their roles in the family, thus from giving birth to the upbringing of the children.

“Engaging Prudence on the song Mama My Hero was a well-thought-out idea as I felt she was the right person to represent all the mothers, given her music background.

The jazz feel and her vocals are ultimately what I was looking for in that song,” he said.

“With Prudence’s expertise and her vocal ability, I wanted to make sure this song would have the bearing I had in mind when I composed it; to thank my mother and all the mothers out there.”

Magacha said as a musician who ministers through music, he was not going to be confined to pure gospel, but will find ways to package his music so that the word reaches to masses who have different tastes in music.

“The song Maria naMarita is a special tribute to every person who God loves. The message in the song emphasises that God loved us first while we were still sinners so we need to extend this same love to everyone like Christ did. ‘Come, follow me, Jesus said, and I will send you out to fish for people’ [Matthew 4:19 NIV],” he said.

“The most important thing about music composition is the song, not the artist, so I will collaborate with any artist with an idea for the song’s message in spreading the word of God.”

He said collaborating with seasoned artists helped him sharpen his skills.

“Collaborating with Macheso and Prudence has opened up new ideas and given me an insight as I have realised that besides giving music lovers variety, collaborations also unite artistes,” he said.

Songs featured on the album include Ndiregereiwo, Mweya Nditakure, Saba Prayer, title track Wonererwai Jesu, Chikakarara, Ndiregererewo, Mama My Hero, Moses, Maria naMarita, Mweya Mustvene, Ndijesu Anosimudzira, Vanegumi, Imi Mama, Zvinoyita, Your Grace and Saba Medley.

Magacha is a well-travelled artist who has performed in countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, United States, Kenya, England and Canada.

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