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BVR: VR.1, VR5. VR.9 forms demystified

THE VR. 1 form is the initial voter registration form that you are required to fill in for you to be able to register to vote. The form must be accompanied by a proof of residence or a VR. 9 form as explained below. The VR.1 form is the form where one’s personal information must be stated.

Columns on the VR.1 form require one to state the following, national ID number, surname and forenames as indicated on one’s national ID, date of birth, your sex, house number or stand number or plot number or village name, you then enter street name or farm name or headman. after that there is a column that requires you to enter your suburb or farming area or mine name or chief.

You are also required to fill in the name of town or district, your phone or cell number and email address. For those that have special needs, there is a column where you indicate your special needs. Lastly, you enter the signature and date.

VR.5 form is the form a chief elections officer or a voter registration officer is supposed to give you as notice of objection to one’s registration.

VR.9 form is an affidavit of residence form that may accompany the VR.1 form in the absence of a proof of residence. The form also cautions you about consequences of providing false information in terms of section 10 of the Justices and Peace and Commissioners of Oaths Act [Chapter 7:09].

On the form you are also required to provide your residential address and there are four options that you can indicate your residence on (a) you indicate your village or resettlement area, the name of your village head, headman, chief and district.

On (b) you indicate house number or stand number, street, suburb and town. On (c) you enter name of school/hospital/mine or other institution and also provide the name or manager of the school/hospital/mine or other institution. On (d), which is the last, the deponent is expected to give full details of the address. You are also required to put your signature and the date. The Commissioner of oaths must sign the form.

How come in Dzivarasekwa we only have one registration centre?

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), has divided the voter registration blitz into four phases. The first phase began on October 10 and will end on October 26. Each phase has a total of 16 days.

The second phase will run from October 29 to November 13 2017 while the third phase will run from November 16 to December 1 2017. The last segment will run from December 4 to December 19 2017.

Dzivarasekwa is under phase four, hence you will have more centres from December 4, but for now you can as well go to any other centre nationwide and register to vote.

l To find out where you can register to vote, log onto the ERC website: www.erczim.org. You can also contact the ERC call centre through SMS/Whatsapp/Call on 0774767556.

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