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Davido on the spotlight

LAGOS — You can’t brush or wish some things away like death. Losing one friend, yes it happens. But losing two other close friends, days apart, is definitely suspicious, especially in a country where death rituals are not uncommon.
Nigerian artist David Adedeji Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, has been in and out of the police station over the death of his three friends and has found himself getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

With conflicting accounts, his childhood friend Tagbo, passed away on his birthday on October 3 inside his car that was found parked in front of Lagos Island General hospital.

He reportedly died after having several shots of tequila. Other reports claim that he died at a bar in Lekki area after allegedly taking 10 shots of tequila. After a post mortem examination, it was revealed that he died of suffocation.

Before the dust could settle, Davido was hit by the death of two other close friends Olu Abiodun, popularly known as DJ Olu and Chime Amaechi on October 7.

Davido, who did not travel to Zimbabwe to perform alongside Jah Prayzah on Friday, wrote tributes on his social media to mourn his friends and his fans were the none wiser until allegations that he was allegedly involved in the deaths sparked interest, with demands for proper investigations to be carried out.

According to a comment on Davido’s Instagram account from one Kellydgreat, he or she pointed an accusing finger alleging the artist had something to do with the deaths.

“Drama King Davido, you are responsible for the death of three of your friends Tagbo, Chime, DJ Olu who all died the same way within the period of three days. We really need serious investigation. Something is fishy about the mysterious death of three of your friends in less than a week,” the comment read.

“The rich always get away with murder cases in Nigeria, but this time your money can’t save you. I am an insider who knows the whole story. The world will know the truth.”

Davido then replied and wrote ‘’God bless you.’’ But it did not end there.

Kelly further disclosed that the late DJ Olu and his friend were trying to reveal the truth about Tagbo’s death before the unfortunate incident happened.

“RIP DJ Olu and Chime. Olu and Chime were trying to speak up about the truth behind the death of Tagbo. Davido poisoned DJ Olu and Chime. They both died in their car. Special knows about everything. Anyone who speaks publicly about what happened, Davido kills them. Immediately I noticed what was going on and I ran for my life,’’ further read the comment.

The late Tagbo’s girlfriend Caroline Danjuma, an actress, also accused the artist of having a hand in his death.

Investigations are underway, but Davido continues to deny any involvement in either of his friend’s deaths.


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