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Well done MPs for demanding outstanding payments

My People, I am loving the rebellious spirit in the air. That pesky businessman who refused to help me externalise money using the purchase of a ring is one rebellious customer, I need that kind of spirit.


Not the kind of spirit which made Margret Dongo describe members of The Party as Mugabe’s wives.

I am really loving the rebellious spirit, even in resisting my efforts to take over and establish a Gushungo Dynasty.

While I have virtually taken over the party and government, to the point where I conduct my own reshuffles in the bedroom, it is you the people who are rebelling against me. I am loving it for that is what I have always wanted.

I loved the rebellion when a minister who behaves like a peacock was told point blank that he had poisoned Chikoforo, Shuvai Mahofa.

Others were very bold indeed, accusing the minister of guns and another doctor of poisoning Ngwena.

My people, I am loving it, rebellion is in the air.

What about when Mboko tried to address a funeral gathering at heroes and the youth started singing and dancing.

Or when Bhobho was giving a tired, long and boring lecture in history in Chinhoyi during his Youth Monologue Series until people just walked out of the meeting.

I refuse to call them youth interface meetings.

I strongly believe they should be called “festivals of hate” where Bob can cowardly accuse the late Eddison Zvobgo of having been a tribalist. Others have wondered why he would cause a tribalist to be buried at the National Heroes acre, given that he is the one who has the keys to the national cemetery.

Even Solomon Mujuru, the person who anointed Bob has been regularly attacked by Bob at rallies.

He really loves going for dead people who cannot answer back.

Festivals of hate have become good therapy for the family as publicly humiliating senior party and government officials such as Ngwena, George Charamba and others whose names I can’t even remember leaves us feeling good.

It’s sweet music to my ears when at those rallies you reserve the loudest cheers for Ngwena because what it shows is that the spirit of rebellion is in the air.

Gushungo is not receiving half as loud the cheers that Ngwena is receiving at those rallies.

It had become so embarrassing we decided Ngwena and Mboko arrive at the same time so that the loud cheers are for both of them, but we all know whose cheers they are.

I know how wildly you dance to Jah Prayzah’s songs at private events in defiance.

The anger is so well-managed that Zimbabweans always manage to keep it in check.

The removal of spikes among the arsenal used by the police was a timely intervention as the anger was about to boil over.

This was witnessed through motorists beating up officers and in some unfortunate instances, knocking them down with their vehicles, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Can you imagine somebody saying kombis and vendors should be removed from the central business district.

I know I can count on those mushika-shika boys, they ain’t going anywhere.

It’s time someone stood up to dictatorship!

Those vendors in town have more spunk, rebellion and resistance in their smallest finger than Ngwena has in his whole body.

What of the kombi drivers and money-changers. I hear yesterday the kombi drivers went beserk.

The Bobster has clearly failed to lead.

It’s game on.

$15 billion went missing while Bhobho was dozing.

I bought a ring worth more than $1 million while my children and I have been buying expensive vehicles, houses in South Africa and burning money.

We won’t mention the fact that Bhobho has been blowing money as a medical tourist while the nation experiences excruciating hardships.

Kwaaaaa! You just wait until the time for party primary elections comes.

It was, therefore, interesting to read that our honourables refused to allow any parliamentary business until they had been paid their outstanding allowances.

Who could blame them given that I and my family are always portrayed blowing money in everybody’s faces?

Come elections next year, I see another loss for The Party.

We could always meticulously verify the elections for over a month then negotiate for a GNU.

Stop it!

Please can people stop discussing things that they don’t know. Can you imagine people are saying that the G40 and Lacoste fight are a continuation of the wartime contradictions pitting Karangas and Zezurus.

They even accuse Bhobho of being an active participant. Totally untrue of course.

Dead BC can’t ‘pronzoune’

Somebody please teach the news readers at Dead BC how to pronounce some essential words.

Even if some were employed following recommendations from an influential aunt,  uncle or their local party structures, surely pronouncing the name of the capital city of Uruguay can’t be that difficult.


Someone who can endure the whole night on a bank queue to get US$20 but the same person cant be patient for just 20 minutes to register as a voter.


Munhuwese kuna Sekeramayi!

Heavy,  Heavy Mboko!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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