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NetOne pledges lower charges

NetOne has pledged to offer cheaper mobile money transfers as competition in the sector grows.


Speaking at the launch of the NetOne mobile money service, OneMoney in Harare last week, the mobile phone network operator’s chief operating officer Clever Isaya said it was high time customers benefitted by getting affordable services.

Isaya said one of OneMoney’s key aspects was affordability as NetOne seeks to give customers better solutions.

“Our tariffs are the most affordable on the market and this is a result of us being a customer-centric organisation,” he said.
“Just giving you an example, on OneMoney if you use our debit card for a transaction of $10; a customer is charged 10 cents, on the other platforms that are available today, you are charged 70 cents.

“So this is just to give you a snippet of how affordable our mobile platform is.

“So why do we say you deserve better, it’s because we offer the most affordable tariffs.

“This is one key aspect of OneMoney, it’s very affordable and convenient.”

Isaya said OneMoney has partnered with many players, especially banks, which offer over 56 000 point of sale (POS) machines.
“Our OneMoney debit is Zimswitch linked. Customers can use the debit card on any bank Zimswitch point of sale machine,” he said.

“We have included many industry players in our ecosystem, mainly all banks, which have over 56 000 POS machines and OneMoney cards can swipe on all these machines.”

Isaya said OneMoney was a cloud-based solution which had minimal downtimes that customers won’t notice during future maintenances or system upgrades.

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