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Wanted: Operation Restore Legacy at HCC

Now that taking power illegally and using brute force is the in-thing in Zimbabwe, it follows that the same enthusiasm that was used to topple Robert Mugabe should be used in other non-performing public sectors.


That the Harare City Council (HCC) is pumping a brown liquid that looks like water into our taps is a serious concern and reason for causing alarm among citizens.

I am sure all of you know that the MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai is running the Harare municipality led by its councillors.

I am told there are some pretty interesting characters among those councillors in terms of understanding basic issues such as budgets, expenditure and other less complicated issues.

Was it not the former mayor of Harare, Much Masunda who at one time bravely said one of his burdens in trying to bring some semblance of order to the former Sunshine City was the presence of semi-literate councillors with no inkling of what was taking place around them?

Maybe some clever journalist should revisit him and ask him just what the problem with Harare is.

Of course, the presence of one or two senior, and I mean very senior, well-connected members of the technical staff does not make life easy for those hapless councillors.

So out of depth are the councillors that reports have been filtering to me that instead of worrying about budgetary issues, quite a number end up volunteering to be mascots or cheerleaders of Harare City football club or the netball team.

I will need to verify those allegations, including scandalous claims that some senior female official is often heard claiming links to the new first family.

Whispers are often heard that some of them are senior ruling party officers, deployed to ensure that no quality service is delivered.

Back to the issue of dirty water being pumped into our homes, what happened to the multi-million dollar Chinese loan that was supposed to result in the refurbishment of water treatment plants and the replacement of decaying or decayed water pipes?

The end result of the loan was supposed to see our homes getting clean water including areas such as Mabvuku and Tafara.

As with all developmental loans, the last we heard of the more than $100 million loan was some squabbling over the purchase of the latest vehicles for directors, which would enable them to assess progress on the refurbishment exercise.

But again, don’t we all know how dodgy some Chinese deals can be, including one recent notorious agreement in which material and labour would be largely sourced from China.

Instead of the main union crippling itself and its affiliates, they should continue to ask very pertinent questions about these deals.

Cephas Mashakada and the Muddy Faces

The late musician, Cephas Mashakada must have had Harare residents in his mind when he prophetically named his music band Sounds of the Muddy Faces or something like that as I do not follow Sungura music, but prefer classical music from Italy.

Was it not his band, which was called sounds of the Muddy Faces and I am sure the prophesy was about how one day in future, Harare residents would be moving around with muddy faces because the municipality would have failed in its mandate to provide basic services such as clean water provision.

The Solution

The solution lies in the Harare municipal police cycling and driving to the home of the current mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni, put him under house arrest and seize one Harare-based radio station to announce operation restore legacy to stop further shenani..shenany..shishini…shenanigans.

They would announce that the mayor and his family are safe and sound and their security is guaranteed.

Further, they would add that their activities were not a coup but targeted at criminal elements around the mayor whose activities had created social disharmony in Harare.

A few directors and some senior municipal officers would then be arrested and detained at some municipal facility with the head of the Harare municipal police appointed as His Worship the Mayor of Harare.

Of course the new military mayor would also be expected to serve his excerrendy, the President, Cde ED and the piporo of the repubrik of Zimbabwe in a very royari manner to the best of his abirities and protect the teriterarry indegrity of the city of Harare.

Lizard and his father Mugabe

I think we all need to acknowledge how Lizard Ngwena has hit the ground running since coming into office. He has hit the ground running in making sure Gushungo is very comfortable and happy in retirement.

First thing he did in office was to sign the Robert Mugabe Youth Day into an official holiday.

How does a country affected by such high unemployment continue declaring public holidays.

The other thing that Lizard did for his “father and comrade” was to come up with pension benefits for him, making sure he also took care of his own terminal benefits in the process.

We will allow the lawyers to comment on whether it was constitutional to do that. And we won’t mention the appointment of thousands of Cabinet ministers in what appeared to be failure to interpret the constitution. Kkkkkkk.
Unity, unity, unity

I love the unity being exhibited by Zimbabweans, especially in very difficult times. They become professional and ignore real or perceived political differences.

Do you remember the lawyer who represented Douglous Mahiya, the war veterans spokesman during his troubles?

Ignatius Chombo is currently being represented by opposition activist Lovemore Madhuku while former vice-president Mboko is reported to have hired opposition MDC leader Welshman Ncube.

Munhuwese kuna Amai!

Ntombizodwa woyee!

Dr Amai Grace (Miracle PhD)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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