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ED, MDC pals ‘retire’ Morgiza

My People, It has come to my attention that many of you are planning to go on hunger strike following our unceremonious ejection from state house during the November coup.


I know everybody has been trying to sound politically correct by referring to the devilish exercise as some “military assisted intervention” which has ushered in “a new dispensation” what ever that means.

I can assure you fellow Zimbabweans, the only thing that has been assured is a “military junta” and events have begun to reveal that development and will continue to do so.

I have said it before and will continue to say so, if everything was as amicably solved as the putschists claim, why not send good old Rueeeeben Barwe to interview Gushungo and get his side about what happened and how he feels.

It is only cowards who can send military tanks into the streets to topple an almost 94-year-old man.

Back to my thoughts as your real first lady, not that imposter called Auxiria who is making an absolute spectacle of herself by visiting public hospitals to assess the state of decay.

She does not have to visit the hospitals; all she needs to do is to ask her husband who has been in government with Mugabe since 1980 and ask how collectively, they spectacularly ran down an efficient health delivery system.

It now sounds so normal to hear people talking about receiving medical attention abroad.

The other issue that is refusing to go away is the Gukurahundi genocide which poor Lizard needs to rectify as soon as possible as the issue has become an albatross around his neck and low-hanging election fruits for Joice and the MDC Alliance.

Somebody phoned me last week alleging that Lizard Ngwena only managed to travel to a Bulawayo Church meeting after being assured that the service was being organised by “politically correct men and women of the cloth” with strong links to the party.

Even the small house saga involving one of the “holly man” at the forefront of organising the event was forgotten as the “congregants” danced and ululated for Kutonga Kwaro Lizard.

But there was no denying those brave activists from Matabeleland who demonstrated to demand an explanation for the blood letting caused by the ethnic cleansing.

Sidney was a key player in that time of madness but for now, he and The Bobster are evading scrutiny as they are no longer in positions of authority.

Back to my military junta and the coup.

So okay it was not a coup but listen to this.

After the military-assisted intervention (coup) the former general is now a vice-president while the (coup not a coup) announcer on television, a retired lieutenant general is the minister of foreign affairs while the head of the air force is also a government minister.

Another general has been retired to become the party’s political commissar.

Hope we will not have situation as in some previous elections in which the gunners we deployed as commissars or campaigners for the party.

But of course, people should not behave as if there is anything wrong with soldiers being deployed in the civilian ranks of politics.

They have every right to be involved in the political activities of their country, ask me, I have lived with a soldier before.

It’s just like the MDCs making noise about the deployment of retired soldiers when they were quite happy to have retired Rhodesian soldier, Giles Mutsekwa in government together with his counterpart, Roy Bennett.

These MDCs certainly know how to lead a lifestyle of double standards.

Retiring Tsvangirai

It was a sad day for humanity, ubuntu in fact, when senior members of the opposition teamed up with Lizard Ngwena and the junta to parade opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai before the international press.

I can’t find the appropriate words to register my disgust at how in trying to position themselves for different reasons in the political arena, some people were so heartless and prepared to stoop so low in order to get close to power by parading a very sick Tsvangirai.

What is not clear is if these young boys were working in collusion with the Zanla forces or in their desperate bid at power grab, they were out-manoeuvred as always happens.

Or did it have something to do with the hold that senior commanders have over a certain young, but over ambitious young politician which involves his father.

My sources say many years ago, at one time he ruffled a few feathers in camouflage and when they sought to discipline him, fled to the house of Tsvangson, and only emerged to reassure the angry former guerillas that “from today I will always be a good boy”.

Kkkkkkkkkk. My boys and girls in dark glasses had always warned me that there always appeared to be some collusion between a young politician in MDC and Lizard on some of the questions asked in the honourable house. What is sad is that one of the senior people who was grinning from ear to ear is a relative of Tsvangson.

Simply put, that whole circus with Tsvangson could have been avoided and Lizard could have had a private visit without the cameras.

The visit was designed to show the electorate that for a person facing health problems, he was not worth voting for.

Equally for the ambitious element in the MDC, it was an opportunity to position themselves since “you have all seen that Tsvangson is not well”.

Mugoti unopihwa anyerere

While comrades of Tsvangson were engaged in some macabre plot, Elias Mudzuri, whose name was not even mentioned in that shameless display, was appointed acting president as Tsvangison seeks treatment abroad.

It was me who said several months ago when Sekeramayi was being primed as our puppet, that mugoti unopihwa anyerere.

I would want to find out if the on going arrests are a genuine crack down on corruption or a vindictive primitive factional selective application of the law.

What about fat boy who virtually owns most cities in Matabeleland and some other boys?

Is Auxiria who is now resident in newspapers and on television creating her own centre of power?

Munhuwese kuna Amai!

Umasalu wezwelonke!

Dr Amai (PhD Being Contested by UZ Lecturers)

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  1. sbu January 9, 2018 at 1:13 pm #

    just do your globe trotting. chickens will come home to roost

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