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Bend over backwards to drive your goals forward

The traditional art of courtship demonstrates how possible it is for a man who is determined within himself to win the heart of the woman he loves.

By Cynthia C Hakutangwi

He will not be stopped by her many attempts to reject his pursuit of her. The bottom line is that most women want a guy to put some effort towards getting them. In most cases, women playing hard to get are the ones who are actually interested in you. They are simply interested to see what you’re going to do next. This confuses most men unfortunately because they don’t know where to draw the line.

If a woman decides to play hard to get, she wants to make sure you know she is not cheap and that she is in high demand. Whether this is true or not, is a whole different ballgame. She wants you to know she has options. In the same way, while many of the opportunities that you may have been pursuing in 2017 and the years before could constantly be erecting barriers before you, this does not imply that you cannot qualify or access those opportunities.

You have to develop the tenacity and determination to keep knocking with a different attitude of expectation as you release the fear of being disappointed yet again. This does not — mean that the doors will automatically open before you, it simply means that at some point something will have to give in because of your willingness to bend over backwards in order to get what you believe is yours.

Opportunities can play hard to get

In order to be successful, it requires being consistent and persistent. By being an extraordinary individual, you set up goals beyond your expectations and achieve extraordinary results. Refuse to give up. How persistent are you in getting done what you need to complete? Giving up means you may not be good at accomplishing that particular goal area. Some people look at it as a failure. As much as possible, if you really want to get something done, break down your goal(s) in small pieces. This may help as you will feel you are getting things done. Move forward in pursuing your goal(s) and be consistent in working on tasks every day to reach where you want to be. Persist without exception and decide to keep going no matter what lies in front of you. Being persistent without exception is key to achieving extraordinary levels of success. Many people move out of the way for a person on the run; others are caught up in his wake. Be the person on the run! Taking consistent action is crucial to the realisation of a successful life. People are often amazed by the accomplishments of highly successful people, yet many of their accomplishments occur because of relentless action.

Are you willing to go the extra mile?

What does going the extra mile say about yourself? When an individual is trying to build a company, fulfil a dream or create a harmonious home, it can be so frustrating to be surrounded by people who seem to not care in the slightest. At the end of the day, we want to be around people who show passion and really want to make a difference. When you choose to go the extra mile, it immediately shows you have initiative. Going the extra mile shows you care about quality work, that you take responsibility seriously. In a nutshell — it shows that you care! The one thing I have found common in people who are at the top of their game is that they never stop when things are good enough. They are always striving for higher and better. Of course there will be times that if you do choose to go the extra mile, other people will notice. You may even be rewarded for it. A raise, a bonus, or a simple thank you. However, there will be more times than nought when you go the extra mile and no one else will see it. But you know what, somebody will know. And that somebody is you. When you know that you did everything in your power — and then some — to make a difference, then you can feel good knowing that you are cultivating a personal habit to success.

Remain persistent in your pursuit

Avoid the snare of easily disqualifying yourself from situations before you fully apply constantly. It can be difficult at times to keep up the momentum on the road to purpose. Pursuing our goals can sometimes seem hard, especially when we don’t see results right away. It can be challenging to keep working when it seems like our results are nowhere to be seen. Take time this week to think about all the doors you have been trying to knock on that have been shutting in your face. Have you stopped knocking because you no longer want what is behind the door, or are you merely afraid of the pain of rejection? In this New Year, these doors could be holding the key to a fulfilling marriage, career, business partnership and so much more. God did not give you your dream, your vision, your heart’s desires for you not to experience them. He wants you to succeed more than you do! He created you to live out what is inside of you! Don’t allow time, apparent roadblocks, negative opinions, or even lack of results to keep you from pursuing your purpose. Stand on God’s Word in faith trusting that He is going to back up everything that He has promised to you. Nothing great comes easily. Something as precious as your dream will take time, hard work and persistence to come to pass. Every piece of your journey will make your success that much sweeter. Every circumstance is only adding to your testimony. Keep on pursuing your purpose!

l Cynthia Hakutangwi is a communications and personal development consultant, life coach, author and strategist. Looking at improving balance, energy, organisation, health fitness, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Wholeness Incorporated Coaching offers you strategies and simple steps you can implement today to become a better, more balanced, happier version of yourself. E-mail: cynthia@wholenessinc.com. Facebook: Wholeness Incorporated.

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