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Trump is right to make that comment on Africa

My People, I am totally surprised by the self-righteous reactions of Americans and some Africans, including a few neutrals about how The Donald, described some places  in the world as  “shithole” countries.


To be honest, up to now I am still trying to find out which bit annoyed our super patriots.

Minus the unnecessarily large doses of patriotism, the fact of the matter is one of the major causes of migration is that people would be searching for better lives away from their “shithole” countries.

Take for example a certain country whose leader was deposed in a military coup recently.

The country has exported millions of desperate political and economic refugees to all corners of the world after the country was run down by the ruling elite who include politicians, the military and others.

Even beggars, criminals and prostitutes in the region are from that country, which used to be one of the top performers in Africa.

Come to think of it, upon further analysis, the coup may have been staged in order to prevent the country from being a fully fledged “shithole” country.

What do you call a country whose first lady publicly embarrasses senior civil servants, distributes used underwear, seizes public infrastructure like dams while her president husband sleeps in public? You got it, a “shithole” country!

And when all the country’s money cannot be found in banks  but in street corners being sold for a profit, what would you call such a country? You obviously know the answer to that.

If a country’s police wakes up or used to wake up in the morning with spikes then start mugging its citizens of non-existent money then what would that country be other than a “shithole”?

If citizens are arrested or beaten up for having alternative political opinions or exercising their freedom of expression, surely that can only happen in a “shithole” country.

If people prefer South Africa instead of going back home to risk dehumanising xenophobic attacks then surely home must be a “shithole”.

Some of the potholes on the roads of a certain country in southern Africa can only be found in a “shithole” country.

In Africa we have a few other examples of what others could call “shithole” countries.

It’s good the Gambians got rid of that lunatic who was turning that beautiful country into a “shithole” country.

Equatorial Guinea is another place which would deserve such descriptions and some other hellholes in central, east and west Africa.
What about some “shithole” countries still practising slavery in north Africa?

And Africans drowning in the Mediterranean trying to escape the bleak lives in their countries? The African Union could do better by improving resource management  and governance issues on the continent.

But the long and short of the whole debate is that even the USA is also the biggest “shithole” country in the world.

Their drones are causing genocide in different parts of the world while black people continue to be murdered in the world’s largest “shithole”.

Fighting corruption — Ngwena Style

I am loving how our gallant government has taken the fight against corruption to unprecedented levels.

These boys are very serious I am telling you and very soon the $15 billion will be back in the country’s coffers.

Maybe we could use the money to buy more weapons from China our all-weather friends dating back to the days of the liberation war.

There was that Sherlock Holmes like precision piece of investigation in which former minister, Makhosini Hlongwane, who is also a farmer, was found with sugar beans on his farm and immediately arrested. The long arm of the law is not playing these days.

Unparalleled investigative skills. Maybe the Stanbic issue is too sensitive and may affect the leadership.

Another breathtaking piece of investigative skill was displayed when Walter Mzembi was picked up for donating television sets, while Psychology and Oscar were picked up for receiving a few quid and planning to receive more.

These boys are not playing around, ask Ignatius and Kudzanai who were arrested for wearing the party’s official caps as if they are members when we all know that they were expelled.

Contrary to Western-funded propaganda, the investigations are not influenced by factional politics and the fact that only the G40 Cabal has been decimated is purely a coincidence and a reflection of the decadent thinking among them.

Can you imagine some unreasonable people were beginning to make unfounded allegations that “Obedient Son” and the other “young but corrupt” minister should be arrested simply because the other “owns” the south western parts of the country, while the other simply faces allegations of being “super corrupt”.

Nonsense! Those are hard workers, according to Lizard Ngwena and his boys and girls.


What is happening with the MDC-T?

Other than the usual confusion, I see they are beginning to mimic Zanu PF.

The youth wing has vowed to stand by their “dear leader”,  Morgan Tsvangirai. Really?

He is reported to have gone for “routine medical checks”. Sounds a bit like George Charamba defending one of Mugabe’s routine raids on the treasury.

Munhuwese kuna Amai!

Umasalu wezwelonke!


Dr Amai Stop it! (Miracle PhD)

l Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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