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It is for ED to stop political violence

The brutal attack on Joice Mujuru and her party supporters by Zanu PF thugs in Harare on Thursday is a barbaric act of political cowardice which must be condemned without reservation.

We have heard that arrests have been made of the suspects and what we expect to see now is the turning of the wheels of justice. The “free and fair” election mantra that government is singing to the world will have its substance tested by the manner the Mujuru attack is going to be handled.

We cannot rule out the possibility of the attack being a product of excitable political zealots. But the coincidence of that coming fresh after Mujuru’s telling meeting with former president Robert Mugabe two days earlier, puts President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zanu PF leadership in an invidious position. It makes it necessary and important for them to cleanly distance themselves from this barbaric act.

As it is, the attackers have clearly been identified as Zanu PF and Mnangagwa supporters and therefore, the blame has been placed squarely on shoulders of the country’s new leadership. When Zimbabweans and the many foreign envoys that are flocking into the country for economic engagement see the bloody images of the attack victims they get worried. it speaks volumes about the electoral playing field.

This period leading to election day is critical to the determination of our destiny.

We should, therefore, as a nation, work together to ensure that we bring hope and not despair; fruit and not harm; prosperity and not more poverty to our country.

This country has for too long suffered immensely and unnecessarily because we knowingly have not done the right thing during this crucial period. Politicians have wantonly abused people’s constitutional right to choose leaders of their choice and the country has endured the painful consequences of disputed polls.

The consequences have come in the form of violence and bloodshed; economic decay and debilitating poverty; restlessness and hatred that pervade the nation.

The last thing that this country wants is to squander the opportunities — economic and political — that are knocking on its doors right now.
Political violence such as was witnessed in Glen Norah where former vice-president Mujuru was left with shaking teeth and a swollen face is not good for this country at all. It takes away life from the resurgent economy and brings misery and harm to the people.

Zanu PF and government should be decisive on this issue and act swiftly to stop this madness, whoever is responsible, because they are the ones who stand to be blamed.

Politicians should not be allowed to manipulate us into giving away our rights to determine our own destiny. Zimbabweans should be encouraged by the new Biometric Voter Registration system which is a move towards a better and more reliable voting system.

Politicians that threaten you in order to make you vote for them do not have your interests at heart and certainly do not deserve your vote.

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