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Mai Patai to relaunch career in style

Gweru gospel musician Respina Patai, famed for the hit song Mazambara, is set to relaunch her career in style when she releases her new album titled Punish the Devil next month.

By Staff Reporter

The musician formed a fabulous partnership with her husband, Ephraim, when they hogged the music limelight with the release of their album Rumbidzwai, which carried the song Mazambara.

The launch, which will feature the Midlands State University (MSU) music group and gospel musician Mathias Mhere, will also see the release of the couple’s DVD album for their project titled Makanaka which they did in 2010.

The album Punish the Devil carries tracks such as Shoko RaMwari Rinesimba, Anokomborera, Moyo Munyoro and Usatye, among others.

“We will hold the launch on March 24 at Cathedral Hall here in Gweru,” Mai Patai told The Standard Style.

“It will be a mega event that will feature MSU Band and brother Mathias Mhere. We are inviting all our fans to the launch and I promise it will be a five-star show.”

The couple has six albums namely Shoko Rinesimba, Usatye, Moyo Munyoro, Mwari Anokomborera, Ndinodavira and Dai Asiri Jesu.
Born on November 19 1978, Mai Patai started her music career as a backing vocalist for her husband.

“When my husband realised that I had a good voice he gave me an opportunity to sing and in 2002 on the album Rumbidwai I sang three songs, including the hit song Mazambara,” she said.

“I never looked back and with the support of my husband I released the album Makanaka whose DVD album will be released alongside on the same day with the album Punish the Devil.”

Backed by the group Voice of Prophecy, Mai and Baba Patai have kept faith in their genre.

“We haven’t changed much when it comes to the beat. We, however, modified here and there, but fans should expect good music from us,” he said.

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