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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un outsmarted Trump

A year ago when Donald Tramp assumed the post of president of the United States, he accused the administration of Barak Obama for having a very soft position on North Korea.

The new man at the White House promised to solve the North Korea problem by the use of “fury and fire”.

However, today it is obvious that the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un skillfully used the martial rhetoric of Tramp to achieve his own goals.

The North Korean leader explained the aspiration for developing a nuclear programme because of aggressive plans of the American president.

Trump’s dilettantism on issues of external policy worked in the North Korean leader`s favour.

As a result, Kim achieved his wishes: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea could create nuclear weapon and delivery systems able to strike USterritory. With this Pyongyang protected safely itself from a possible strike by Washington.

Having got “nuclear bludgeon” on his hands, Kim initialised immediately renewal of negotiations with South Korean authorities.

In a New Year speech he emphasised the importance of “improving links” between the two countries for further “voluntary union” of two Koreas.

On January 3 DPRK authorities declared the restoration of the “red line” connection with the leader of the Republic of Korea and five days later negotiations between diplomats of both Korean states began in the frontier town of Phanmunjom.

By the way, Kim’s acts are not conditioned by his weakness. On the contrary, the North Korean leader proved to be a rather pragmatic politician despite his odious regime.

Kim decided to soften the confrontation and from the position of force to dictate the conditions for peace to his enemy, after he had raised the level of opposition with Washington and achieved his wishes.

A senior researcher Joel Witt from Columbia University shares this point of view. He says the Tramp administration lost the battle against Pyongyang.

“Despite hard economic sanctions and constant threats from the USA, the DPRK managed to become a nuclear power. After that Kim decided not to go forth but to ease the situation.

“Moreover, Washington has to make a compromise considering the nuclear status of Pyongyang and apprehends a new destabilisation wave on the Korean peninsula,” the American expert said.

This means that North Korea took firmly its position in the “service record” of Tramp`s political failures.

Kim managed to beat the Head of White House. From now on, the North Korean leader will determine the course of the game and not follow others` rules.

“There is a feeling that Tramp is one step back from the following situation and is trying to hide his own lack of foresight behind aggressive rhetoric”.

One Response to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un outsmarted Trump

  1. elizabeth March 23, 2018 at 11:06 pm #

    just you perspective…what other pros got a face to face meeting going regardless of how it happened??!!

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