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Why the US is provoking Russia’s allies

Nowadays the world faces a lot of global threats because of the relations tension between superpowers.


Journalists and experts often discuss possible scenarios on how global conflicts with use of nuclear weapon can be unleashed.

Under these circumstances it is very important that world leaders abstain from provocative external policies. Unfortunately, the White House has its own opinion.

Washington regularly accuses China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and even Mexican migrants of aggressive actions.

Moreover, the United States during Donald Trump’s presidency has seen the Korean peninsula getting to the brink of a nuclear catastrophe, aggravation of the Palestine-Israel conflict, undermined efforts to settle the Syrian conflict and the situation around Iran`s nuclear programme.

There is a feeling that the American administration takes such dangerous decisions not because of incompetence but according to a well thought strategy.

It is terrible to think that the strongest state in the world is not able to estimate consequences of their acts.

Today the American policy in Syria has caused great anxiety. Nobody doubts, Washington is going to follow the Middle East policy informed by its own geopolitical interests not taking into consideration Moscow, Tehran, Bagdad, and even Tel-Aviv and Damascus interests.

Latest developments in the north-west of Syria show that Washington is ready to sacrifice NATO allies, particularly Turkey.

Evidently, after declaring the creation of so-called “border forces security” the US deliberately provoked tensions in the Kurdish-Turkish opposition.

In fact the US has decided to prepare and arm 30 000 member “democracy forces of Syria” and the Kurdish “People`s Protection Units” (YPG) are the anchor.

The YPG is the organization Turkey is in war with now. As result, heavy combats with a lot of victims among the Kurdish, the Turkish, and innocent Syrians has occurred near Syrian Afrin for more than a month.

Washington decided to remind Ankara that NATO countries should resist Moscow

But the Turkish leaders don`t want to become puppets of the White House.

On the contrary, Russia, Iran and Turkey soon will have negotiations fpr a Middle East settlement. That’s why new provocations from the “leader of the free world” are imminent.

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