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EcoCash promotion bounces back

The “Chaka-Chaya neEcoCash” promotion is back, offering much bigger prizes and affording customers the chance to win big, the company has said.

By Staff Reporter

“There are over one million dollars worth of prizes to be won and more than 150 000 individual customers are guaranteed to win,“ said Econet’s Cassava Zimbabwe CEO Eddie Chibi.

Chibi said this year’s promotion was “bigger and better than ever before”, featuring prizes ranging from cash, cows, cars, property stands, Kwesé decoders and airtime, to EcoSure cover.

They are also offering hundreds of goats and grocery vouchers.

To stand the chance to win, customers need to transact using EcoCash, and “the more you transact, the more you stand the chance to win big with EcoCash”, Chibi said, adding that the promotion was also designed to accelerate the adoption and use of digital payments in line with central bank policy.

EcoCash is the most widely used mobile money service in the country, processing over $725 million worth of airtime, bill and merchant payments in the fourth quarter of 2017 alone, according to telecom industry figures.

Chibi said the company was grateful for the market’s overwhelming support and use of EcoCash mobile money services, adding that he believed the “Chaka-Chaya neEcoCash” promotion would go a long way in rewarding the biggest and most frequent users.

Chibi said customers stood a chance to win “big prizes” whenever they send money via EcoCash, when they cash out, when they pay their bills (such as buying Zesa tokens, or their Kwesé subscriptions), when they pay merchants (such as when buying groceries in supermarkets) using EcoCash, when they buy airtime using EcoCash, or when they receive a minimum of $40 via international remittances (such as Cassava Remit and others).

“We want to reward the use of as many of our services as possible to give even more of our customers the chance to win something”, he said.

EcoCash mobile money service has partnered with over 26 000 active agents throughout the country. Chibi said to help boost customers’ chances to win, this year one would earn an extra 20 points by registering for EcoSure.

“Once a customer gets to five points, they will get a ‘Point Booster’ that instantly quadruples their points tally by 20 more points, by simply registering for EcoSure and paying $1 or more in monthly premiums,” Chibi said, explaining that the idea was to lower the winning threshold by helping boost users’ points, and broaden the number of eligible participants.

The Cassava boss said this year the promotion would feature more draws, further increasing the chances of users to win.

“Our customers will be excited to know that this year ‘Chaka-Chaya’ will feature several draws designed to increase the chance for more people to win more prizes,” he said.

“We will have a monthly draw, offering hundreds of prizes.

“Then we will have another monthly grand draw, offering the bigger prizes, which include residential stands and brand new vehicles.

“But we won’t be done just yet; there will be yet another draw — a bonus draw — that will basically level the playing field by giving everyone a chance to win, regardless of their transacting power,” Chibi said.

The promotion, which returns for its second successive year, will run for three months, from April 8 to July 5, with the first draw to be held in May.

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